Taylor Swift’s Tribute To Jimmy Fallon’s Mother

American talk show host Jimmy Fallon canceled his show two weeks earlier to be with his family after his mother Gloria Fallon passed away. He came back eventually to do his job and to pay tribute to his late mother. While choking back tears, Jimmy narrated how his mother used to squeeze his hands three-times “I love you” and how he did it for the last time while his mom was on her deathbed. The show producer and writer Michael DiCenzo on Twitter admitted that it was a very emotional moment but the scenario changed altogether when Taylor Swift came to the show to sing “new year’s day” from the album, “reputation”.

She agreed without hesitation and, what’s even more surprising was when she sang “squeeze my hands three times on the back of the taxi“.

The final hug will tear you up a little. <3

RIP Mrs. Fallon.

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