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Star Wars the last Jedi is the most anticipated sequel of the year 2017, owing to the fact that the previous film left out a lot of cliffhangers, including the ending of the force awakens. Well, when it comes to fulfilling all that the film is rather incomplete and disappointing to the die-hard fans. The film left out a lot of key plots that we were looking forward and some were rather pissed off that their fan theories were not met with. Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) parents and her “connection” with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). The plot related to Rey’s parents, though still a cliffhanger, will make sense to you when analyzed from the writer’s POV, owing to the fact that film intends to show a whole new generation of Jedis.

I am not revealing the plot here. Less you know, better you will enjoy. 

To me, star wars the last Jedi is the best star wars film since Star Wars, the original 1977 version. Yes, we will miss the old characters and the texture shown in the original trilogy. But the depth given to the new characters, emotional intensity behind each destruction sequences including that of Kylo Ren, teamwork, visuals, and the final message makes this film indeed. The film explains the force, the darkness and how a person is “turned”.

This film is a perfect tribute to late actress Carrie Fisher. She is spared of a potential ludicrous plotline like the fate Han Solo had to face in Force Awakens. Not only the film is a good tribute but it is also a wish-fulfillment movie for her. Star Wars the last Jedi gets everything right in terms of feminism and the depiction of women. 🙂 Usually, in such genres, the number of women have limited to just the one (maybe two) character who might just a sidekick or a motivating figure while male counterparts are multidimensional. Even if a woman is the main character she faces male gaze, do not pass the bechdel test and even enhances the “white feminist” angle that is bothersome in terms of intersectionality. The previous star wars films (except force awakens had all that problem) notably reducing Princess Leia to a sex symbol in the return of the Jedi to which Carrie Fisher expressed displeasure in the later years. She even warned Ridley of that image and makes her “vow” to not wear the slave costume. In the last Jedi, as per Fisher’s wishes, women shine throughout. There is diversity, not just in terms of race but in age as well. 60-year-old Fisher takes the cake and makes all the daring decisions. Laura Dern takes up the platform resulting in the most emotional yet thrilling scenes of all. The movie begins with Paige making a sacrifice and ends with Rey saving the resistance with Skywalker’s help. Women and men have an equal role both in action and decision making which is what feminism is about. Above all, as per her wish, a woman is given the lightsaber. As the sayings go, a generation of girls have wonder woman, female ghostbusters, women kicking Zombie’s ass, and Rey is a Jedi. 

Thank you Lucasfilms and Johnson. 🙂 <3 

Han Solo’s absence is felt throughout but it made up by the ample depth given to the young characters. With Solo and Skywalker, we will feel as if the original storyline is being ruined. Solo’s death was too disappointing and that way a bad way for him to go.  Skywalker’s plot is a lot better and it is added to the film’s intensity. He need not be someone living in isolation waiting for his death. Maybe he is already dead and the image presented to us symbolizes him as a legend which never dies. He was moribund until both Rey and Ren’s presence motivated him to use the force. And to Kylo Ren, as someone who struck him down in anger, Skywalker will forever haunt him and it makes him more powerful than ever. Which is exactly what happens to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mark Hamill did justice to the role and himself as an actor. He is intriguing and there is a gentleness to him. He is strong and vulnerable. The scene where Rey defeats him in a duel, people might be taken aback as to why someone as experienced as he loses to someone who handled the lightsaber just once, the scene is cleverly handled. Apart from the fact that Rey is younger and the force flows through her elegantly, Skywalker lost not because Rey is skilled, he felt the force within Rey which is as powerful as it was in Kylo Ren’s. Just like Ren, Skywalker knows that he has to step aside and give Rey all she needs for the Resistance to make way.



My favorite performance from the movie is definitely Adam Driver’s. I despised his plasticity in force awakens but in this film he has done a good and lively job. We could see the confusion and conflict within him in the scene he is about to shoot Leia and the scene where Snooke orders him to kill Rey. He spares Leia out of his love for her and guilt. He saves Rey not just due to his ambition but he is fascinated by her inner strength and determination. Daisy Ridley is lively and makes a good presence throughout but did not have the moments apart from the climax scene.

Technically the film outdid its predecessors though it cannot be compared with the class the original star wars delivered with the practical effects. You should watch Star Wars the last Jedi if you are a fan and yes this is a tribute to Fisher and her vision of women in Sci-Fi universe.


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  1. I agree with your review wholeheartedly. Adam Driver was the bomb, Luke’s character development was morn in-tune with the realities of his struggles, and I appreciated how they killed certain plot points because, really, they weren’t what was driving the story. Great review!

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