Hi everyone,

I’m Karthika and I am a movie geek. The first movie I ever watched in my life was Jurassic park in 1993, I was just a few weeks old then. I don’t remember the process of LoL but ever since I could remember I have been an ardent movie lover.

I’m from…

I live in Kochi, Kerala, India. Proud to be an Indian.

What I do…

Currently, I am procrastinating and waiting for the next big thing that comes my way. I aspire to be a novelist, screenwriter or a successful film producer. I am a Zoology graduate and Multimedia post graduate. I know.. I know… “Why did you change the field?”. Well, that’s a question I get asked a lot. 😛 I like science but I love media more. I do freelance writing along with my preparations for further research in communications.

My interests…

Apart from the time I spend before my well-polished home theater, I read, write and practice Kung Fu.

Foodie: I’d like to spend a lot of time in cafeterias, reading, writing and daydreaming. I like sandwiches, pizzas, momos, steaks and homemade Indian food. Nothing is tastier than the Indian food made at home.

Music addict: I like to listen to Malayalam and Hindi oldies, notably K.J Yesudas, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle and K.S Chitra. Along with that, a huge fan of pop singer Taylor Swift and I have collected all of her albums.

Bibliophile: My favorite authors include J.K Rowling, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, and any Indian author who breaks conventional stereotypes.

Activism: I have a feminist voice and would like to help in breaking conventional stereotypes. I’ve written articles for feminisminindia, menstrupedia, and womensweb.


Few basics

5 thoughts on “MOVIE GEEK

  1. Dear Karthika,I am one Koshy from Thrissur. Was fortunate to see your great site.
    I am so proud of it and would like to let you know that it looks highly professional one in par with some of the journalist sites like BBC. Keep it up and congratulations. I would suggest that you add some constantly updating current news feeds ( with no personal comments ) and relevant topics or link to them like global warming , current vaccine schedules, newer discoveries and science and technology as you see in google news etc.


  2. Dear Karthika, I’m Anjali. Working as lecturer in M.T.I.M.S.i still remember the little girl who watch his dad’s skit with sooooo excitement….helping him …so enjoying…….very active personality …now I’m not so shocked to see u with this realistic views because I already knew u would become successful in this…. Very happy dear…. Keep writing give ur best and God bless

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  3. Hi, Karthika. My name is Sarah, and I’m a film producer. I’ve made several short films that have previously been featured at AFI (, and I’m getting in touch with you today to talk to you about my latest short. It’s called Servants of Sex, and you can check out the Indigogo page here ( The film is a comedy about two guys who try to convert to different religions to try to find love. I notice that you often write about these types of quirky films. Right now, we’re trying to secure funding for its very modest budget through Indigogo. It would be great if you would consider writing a post about the film, sharing it with your followers, or even donating. We have some pretty exciting perks for film aficionados and hipsters alike. Once again, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I know you are very busy, so thank you in advance for checking out our film (, and please let us know if you have any questions.


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