A Quiet Place review

A Quiet Place review

The movie starts with a dead silence.

Like a deep breathe before the plunge. Then we get a glimpse of the monsters which show no mercy.

The Earth is invaded by the alien species termed as “death angels“. They are blind but extremely sensitive towards sound. So the survivors are forced to live without making sounds. Ok… I know I sound cliched.

A family of four, after facing a tragedy, lives in preparation and confinement while giving out S.O.S calls. The pacing goes up after an accidental noise.


Real life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinki brings in their off-screen chemistry to the story while playing a couple, Evelyn and Lee, trying to survive against all odds with their children. I have always liked Emily Blunt as an actress. She nailed the comedic role in Devil wears Prada and stood shoulder to shoulder with Meryl Streep. Her dramatic performance in Edge of tomorrow and the girl on the train makes her a versatile actress. She brought the tension and aura in this film.


One of the most intense moments from the movie, the bath tub scene where she gives birth, is well acted and lures you into the suspense. I guess the trailer is structured well in that sense. John Krasinski has shed his typecast “Jim Halpert” image, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the film was in a anyway inspired by this sequence from the office. 😛 You know, a horror version. 😀

Krasinski has established his range with his effortless and effective performance in 13 hours: the secret soldiers of Benghazi but it went unnoticed due to the controversial aspect of the film’s release. A quiet place is the one film that shows Krasinski’s range. As a director he has captured the intensity with the suspense and horror. At the same time, enough breathing space is give to establish the relationships and the human extinction through newspaper cut outs and Lee (John Krasinski) striking off the possible places with people. This is a post apocalyptic story of survival. At the end of the day we will feel for the family and the efforts made for survival. Also the characters are shown as flawed and capable of making mistakes. Though I was kind of taken aback at several plot points. The noise from the river makes dissolves the sounds made by people. So why couldn’t Lee and Evelyn try to find a house next to the river or water falls? And… I was taken aback at one moment where Lee was ok with the idea of his son risking his life to save his mother.

The one who stole the show is definitely Millicent Simmonds, who is deaf in real life. She gave a passionate performance and stood out in most of the scenes. Noah Jupe is expressive and did well. The film has managed to bind the family and perfectly showed the same. The final moment where mother and daughter team up against the aliens added to the moment. The sound effects added to the tension along with Beltrami’s music.

So a quiet place is a very popcorn movie (irony). This is probably the one time I felt annoyed when people used mobile phones and walked around (while trying to find a seat). The silence works the best for the film. And it is definitely something you should experience in the theater the silence by the audience and people reluctance to chew on popcorn adds sprinkles to the cake.


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