Strange List Of Films Recommended For Christmas

Well, The big day is here… Merry Christmas!!!

While you are decorating the interiors of your home with all the goodies, you will want to sit down and relax. So, I recommend these films to watch on the big day. Not necessarily the usual Home Alone flicks.

Here it goes…

Conjuring 2



The movie itself takes place in Christmas background and while Ed Warren is hunting down Valak’s spirit that took Janet away, we get to hear the Christmas carol in the background when the T.V goes on. A good scare will brush up your holidays. 😛


Die Hard



When John McClane comes to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his wife and kids, he is caught up in a terrorist scenario. But so what, he still gets to say ho ho ho 😀


Harry Potter



HP films are incomplete without a proper Christmas treat. 🙂 You may watch any of them, notably Philosopher’s stone, Chamber of Secrets or Prisoner of Azkaban.

Merry Christmas Harry!


Adi Kapyare Kootamani



Today’s 1st anniversary of the superhit flick adi kapyare kootamani. The movie is gold when it comes to spending time with your friends fro a good laugh.


Pranchiyettan And The Saint



A movie that features a guy talking to a saint, can’t get better than this. A dose from Mamukka ought to do it.


Merry Christmas!

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