Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince review


Remember R.A.B?



Before I got the chance to finish the book, I was amidst those friends who kept on talking about this R.A.B, a thing or a character that sprouted up, grasping the interest of all. Everyone went online, J.K Rowling faced questions related to the spoilers of the next book. Well, I googled and found out that R.A.B is…. *never mind*.

Harry is collected by Dumbledore himself as they go to meet Horace Slughorn in order to recruit him. He is having a secret that could help them against the fight with Lord Voldemort. Harry joins his friends Ron and Hermione and the teenagers face an upgraded love life. At the same time, Draco Malfoy is recruited as the death eater and he has to redeem his father’s failed mission.

Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince is the most predictable movie out of the series with an unpredictable climax. After watching two predecessors back-to-back which didn’t do much justice in terms of adaptation, I didn’t have much hope for this movie as well. The film continues in a dark tone. As far as I am concerned, HP and the half blood Prince is the least thrilling out of the series. The movie basically focussed on nothing else but the teenage love and lifestyle and if it wasn’t for the climax, it is already predictable. Though half blood Prince finally reveals more about the Horcruxes, I believe that it should have been mentioned a little earlier. And they left out an integral plot; about Eileen Prince. How could they? It is the soul of the identity of the half-blood Prince! But it was nice to finally see Wizards haunting the muggle world and more details about Lord Voldemort is shown.

Daniel Radcliffe’s performance in the climax scene couldn’t get less soulful, even Ginny’s hug could not compensate. Emma Watson and Rupert Grint delivered their lively performances and Emma had her moments when she became jealous of Ron’s affair with Lavender and during her combination scenes with Daniel.



Alan Rickman gave his scents as Prof Snape and we get to see Snape’s complexity in this movie. Michel Gambon and Jim Broadbent were good in their respective roles. I loved Tom Felton’s performance in this movie. We finally get to see the soft side of Draco’s that is far from his typical bullying nature.



The coward in him has taken over completely and he is given a task that is too painful for him to execute. In a way, he finally realised that he’s been a complete wreck to his friends and others. Helena Bonham Carter made the screen lively whenever she was on. I was looking forward to her portrayal.



Overall the film was boring as nothing really happens. It is just another romantic comedy, yep, that’s the overall structure. Too much importance was being given to the humour portions  notably the “love potion” scene and Ron’s affair with Lavender. And, Lavender Brown, as per the previous films, was played by a black actress. The casting department replaced her with a caucasian? How disappointing. Nicholas Hooper composed haunting music, my favorite being “Dumbledore’s farewell“, “Harry and Hermione” and “opening

Harry Potter and the half blood prince is more of a one-time watch movie. Never expected it from the HP series. This is when I wished Alphonso Cuaron came back to direct.


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