Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix review




Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix is one of the most anticipated film of 2007 and I remember very clearly about how excited my friends were back then. I thought to myself, “yeah it is because we want to know what happens in Harry’s life after the Triwizard tournament. Now that he saw Cedric Diggory die and life will be different for him“. And, Voldemort is back! So the circumstances will be ten times more intense. But, I was wrong, that was not what the kids anticipated. I asked one of them casually one day and they revealed the real reason why they are looking forward to the next chapter, this is the movie (based on the book) where Harry kisses a girl!



Well, that didn’t come across my mind then but the kind of reactions my friends showed, ranging from excitement to “cringy” tones, were funnier than most comedy films I have watched in my lifetime. I thought, “really? Harry Potter became a romantic hero overnight?“.



A female friend of mine, who shared a very close resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe, was mocked by her classmates using that context. I remember her saying “Oh god, I will never have the strength to watch that scene“.



Anyway, that was not the kind of experience I have had while reading the book or while watching the movie. The book reading process was slow and compared to other volumes, the pacing was very sluggish and it went up only at the end. A drastic change in Harry’s personality was the highlight in the book and his friendship-relationship status with his friends started remolding as he is constantly in a bad mood, shouting at others. The movie showed all that and as always, many necessary aspects were left out. After Harry and his cousin Dudley was attacked by a dementor, Harry sends it away using his Patronus charm.



But then, he gets a notification from the ministry saying that he has been expelled from Hogwarts as he did magic outside the school, underage wizards are strictly restricted from doing it as per the law. He is collected from his maternal aunt’s home by the order of the phoenix led by Sirius Black and Nymphadora Tonks. He is told about the impending allegations against him for lying about Voldemort’s return and the possible war with the death eaters. Amidst all this, Harry started experiencing a weird connection with Voldemort and the latter is close from consuming his mind.

The movie’s pace was quicker than the book although it didn’t have all the necessary details. Harry’s all-of-a-sudden flipping out attitude is fine but the book showed more reasons that irritated Harry to the core, like Ron and Hermione being chosen as prefects and Harry’s objection to it. The film showed a very low mood and it is probably the reason why people didn’t enjoy it the way they enjoyed other films. Harry’s teaching sessions were fun to watch but then I always thought that they could make a whole based on that portion.



That is where it went wrong with the order of the phoenix. These days small books like “hunger games:Mockingjay” and “allegiant” is being divided into two for the sake of profit. In Harry Potter’s case, it is genuine. Irrespective of the mood and the darker tone, the division process necessary for the Order of the phoenix. Hermione Granger’s popularity went up after the release of the 5th book, as “Dumbledore’s army” was her idea and she created SPEW. I simply wished that they showed Hermione’s SPEW instead of wasting time for enhancing the romantic angles. Daniel Radcliffe tried to transcend well during his emotional outbursts and cries, but it lacked the punch; the direction wasn’t impressive enough. But his change in personality and body language deserves to be appreciated. Rupert Grint stuck to his cords and kept up a lively face throughout. This is one movie from the series where I didn’t like Emma Watson’s overall acting. She is expressive and showed adept emotions but her speech looked too artificial as she was constantly raising her eyebrows. And, she kept expanding her chests heavily with deep breaths during emotional scenes. I was thinking, “how come the director didn’t notice all that?“. Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood was pretty good, she had the weird look and girlish nature.



Bonnie Hunt and Matthew Lewis stood along with the cast for the characters to have the voice. James and Olivier Phelps stole the show whenever they are on, as Fred and George. My favorite scene is the best scene from the movie.


The real star of this movie turned out to be the villain, Helana Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix is the most vicious villain from the series, even worse than Voldemort himself. When I came to know that Helena Bonham Carter was cast as Bellatrix, I thought “perfect!”.



She is spine chilling and her exaggerated politeness & slowness are adroit. Imelda Staunton showed Umbridge the way she is, as she is the most loathsome characters from the book. The effect scenes are done well and in a way, that is the only thing that is there to look forward to. Otherwise, the movie is blank when the whole reel is analyzed. But there are those facets that we have been looking forward to, like why did Voldemort try to kill him when he was young, the death eaters and it was nice to see Sirius Black back in action.



Though the confrontation scene wasn’t as impressive as I expected it to be. The most disappointing part is the ending. It was empty and most of the audience members were like “is that it?“. Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix is generally considered as the most disappointing adaptation. Jo Rowling mentioned in one of the interviews that she was not particularly happy with this movie and that it didn’t do justice to the original source. I would concur in the case of HP and the goblet of fire more as I expected HP and the order of the phoenix to be slow in progress. But even then, it is worth watching once and then read the book. It will make your day better.


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