Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire review


This is where it all changes. The series becomes dark and the perception varies. Harry Potter is no longer a children’s movie, instead, it has become a young adult franchise with the quality of a thriller. I am talking about the books. This is also the one movie from where my opinion about the films started changing because I read the book before the film’s release.



The Triwizard tournament was to be conducted and Hogwarts is hosting the event. The participants are supposed to be above 17-years-old and they may drop their names in the goblet of fire. Three champions, each from Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrangs were chosen. The school comes into a tremendous silence when Harry’s name comes out of the Goblet of fire and he becomes an outcast overnight. No one is more appalled than Harry himself. Who dropped his name in the goblet of fire? How will he overcome the three tasks?

Unlike the 3 successors, watching Goblet of fire wasn’t that great experience because I watched the film immediately after finishing the book. So, your brain automatically starts analysing with the final conclusion, “damn it, it (the particular plot) wasn’t there. How come it was left out? Where is winky? Why did Harry visibly write “Sirius Black” after knowing well that he is still a fugitive? And, Harry’s scar hurt when he was on his own, he wasn’t visibly *that* upset about it. In the book, there was a whole chapter about how he was scared to death because his scar hurt“. When analysed otherwise, the movie simply focussed on three things; the action & effects, the 3 tasks, and the romantic angle. Too much importance was being given to the love factor which could have been handled otherwise and there was hardly any suspense. In fact, the kind of edge of the seat “unable-to-put-it-down” effect that was present in the book was not there in the film and they had many long unnecessary sequences like Moaning Myrtle flirting with Harry while he was naked in the bath. The only part that one will look forward to is to know who dropped Harry’s name in the goblet of fire. Daniel Radcliffe presented Harry such that we experience everything from his vision. Our reaction is his reaction when he sees the tent and when his name was called and during each task.



I like how Hermione stuck with him during the crisis and her performance when Ron frustrates her in the Yule ball is fantastic. Emma Watson stole the show completely then. Then again, I was disappointed that Hermione was reduced to a supportive figure and hardly does anything intelligent like she usually does. But, her combination scenes with Rupert Grint is hilarious.



Ron is being Ron with his comic timings and gullible nature but then the way he informed Harry about the dangers in the first task is impressive. As far as the overall performance is concerned, no one was particularly spectacular, though I enjoyed Snape’s dry humor.



Brendan Gleeson is a fantastic actor but he wasn’t how I envisioned Mad-eye Moody while reading the book. I was flabbergasted when Dumbledore taunts and shouts at Harry while asking him if he dropped his name in the goblet of fire, that was surprising from Dumbledore’s side as in the book he is said to be very gentle. And… This is where Robert Pattinson enters the frame of attention. Cedric Diggory is one of my most favorite supporting characters and Pattinson delivered a controlled performance. Though the buildup wasn’t impressive enough, we feel for him and in that way, the climax was very impressive.



While watching this film, I remember thinking “The guy who plays Cedric, he is tall, handsome, elegant and controlled in acting and he’s got nice gestures. He deserves to be a superstar in the future“. I was half right and half wrong. Right, because he became a popular actor who played a vampire from a famous young adult franchise. Wrong, because he went on to deliver shovel faced acting. *sigh* Cedric, you broke my heart.  



The action scenes have tremendous effects and this movie has the best art direction. The music wasn’t as impressive as the other films. Mike Newell’s direction wasn’t impressive enough so we won’t feel like we are inside the particular environment shown, with the characters. But, it is very enjoyable and I also found more plot holes and continuity errors while watching this film. I am sure that J.K Rowling started expressing her disappointment with the films since this movie because of the omitting of major plotlines. Usually, while adapting a good story, it is done such that unnecessary portions are left to give space for the suspense and action. In this case, it was exactly the opposite.

At the end of the day, Goblet of fire is just a goblet of mineral water that you can drink, when compared to the book which is like hot and sour chicken soup or cold coffee with ice cream. 😛 The movie is not bad, but it is not great either.


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