Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets review

HP 2

Jo Rowling waves her magic wand again.

After watching the philosopher’s stone, I was very tempted to watch the second, Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. It didn’t take me that long before buying this movie as well. Philosopher’s stone was flawless as far as a film for kids is concerned. Rowling’s imagination got better with each installment and the film clearly showed that along with proper structure, direction, and technical support.

Harry is rescued from the caged room, in which he was locked by his maternal aunt and her husband, by Ron and his brothers. Before leaving, he was visited by an elf named Dobby who warns him, saying that he should not go back to Hogwarts. For Harry, Hogwarts is his home; he reaches there after facing many setbacks and frustrations. Eventually, more mysterious happening occurs where muggle borns are attacked by an unseen beast as the chamber of secrets has been opened. Harry, Ron, and Hermione set out to find the person responsible for it, the major suspect being Harry’s arch rival Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton).



Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is a substantial and enjoyable experience as it was rich with properly build suspense and solid acting. Suspense is better when compared to its predecessor though the tone has changed a bit, in a way, enhancing Harry’s change in terms of lifestyle and age. There are dry humor and darkness scattered amidst the children’s genre and we get to know Lord Voldemort better in this movie in a nerve-racking narrative. The book is better than the film in terms of grabbing the attention and presentation of plot points, like Snape indirectly helping Harry learn the powerful spell “Expelliarmus” which saved him at several instances. This facet is not clear in the movie. It was rather frustrating when Harry hardly used his wand though he excelled at intellect. Rupert Grint shined in this movie with his comic timings and facial expressions.



The scene where he sees giant spiders is priceless, at that moment I knew Rupert’s excellent comic timings and talents. Daniel just stuck to the screenplay and didn’t put forward any innovation. Emma Watson was controlled and ensured Hermione’s strong stance. It was also nice to see Hermione’s soft side when she was verbally abused by Draco Malfoy.



She was moved to tears and then Hagrid inspires strength with his monolog. Another pinnacle is the stories related Hogwarts foundations are mentioned in this movie along with Salazar Slytherin’s difference in opinion about having muggle borns in the schools but you will understand it better while reading the book. Tension-packed instances and those moments that will confuse you and keep you guessing. Jo Rowling’s imagination takes us into a whole new dimension but this is the lighter environment.



Kenneth Branagh delivered a strong performance which makes Prof Lockhart hateful and loathsome. We will enjoy several scenes like the quidditch match, duel scene and Harry solving the puzzle. Watching Richard Harris was indeed a pleasure but the veteran actor passed away after this movie. He imprinted Dumbledore such that we will remember his gentleness and bold nature during intense circumstances.



Technically, the movie was a big improvement from its predecessor with more sound effects and better direction. Chris Columbus’s signature is all over the celluloid. When I watched this movie for the first time, I was a tad bit disappointed with the abrupt ending but it gets better after reading the book as we get to know everything a little better after that. John Williams added his galleons to this movie along with the cinematography that highlights the 2000s. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is a wonderful movie highlighting Harry’s integrity, bravery, and chemistry with Ron.


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