Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Was A Thrill Ride: Script Overview

The world lit up and Potterheads rejoiced when Rowling announced the printed version of the script of Harry Potter and the cursed child. The reason why the book was released is simple; the play cannot be viewed by everyone so, fans from rest of the world can enjoy it from the pages, the places they are familiar with. As a fan of Harry Potter series myself, I was indeed thrilled about the book myself. Speaking of the book, it was indeed thrilling to revisit Harry and his team’s adventures. There are many enthralling scenarios in the book and you can’t put it down. There are many twists and turns and some parts will make your heart leap.  I ended up reading the whole book, the day it was purchased. 😛 First of all, this is not a novel, it is a script for the play. Basically, you are reading what will be shown on stage.

That being said, it cannot be compared with the novel/books as it presented a plot perfectly, seemingly  the characters are not well represented as compared to the original, except Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, and Hermione Granger. The ending was tad bit disappointing after the massive build-up of the antagonist, though I loved many situations mentioned, I am not revealed it here as it might spoil the plot. To all my friends who have access to the next show, my advice is to not to read the script before watching the play. Those who didn’t enjoy the book, apart from the plot, the scripted version might have been disappointing. For some, it might look like a parody of the original, the end result is based on one’s perception. You will enjoy it better with detailed novel’s description. And I am sure that this will result in a very thrilling film.

Overall, the cursed child is a book for the fans and for them to experience Harry’s world once more. Queen Rowling revealed that this is it, there will be no more books. But, I am pretty she will have a lot more to give us 🙂

Featured image: youtube.com


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