Action Hero Biju review: A Comical Ride With An Officer


A thrill ride with a police officer, giving you an insight into the life of an everyday cop; drug cases, goons, infidelity cases, robbery, awareness, dry sense of humor and being on duty 24*7 which makes one think “do they get time to even breath?”. One way or the other, in spite of all the corruption cases we hear from the media, we will end up admiring police officers after watching this movie. Nivin Pauly, teaming with 1983 (2014) director Abrid Shine, plays a different role as the action hero Biju, a sub-inspector. Biju gave up on his career as a lecturer to be a cop. He is strict, ruthless and hilarious while being nerve-racking towards his fellow criminals. He uses a coconut to beat the criminals so that he could avoid his hands from becoming dirty. Occasionally he finds time to talk to his fiance and to have a good laugh with fellow colleagues. We experience the life of a cop and we will wish that all cops were profound and dedicated like Biju, who also has humane side to him.

The movie shows the satirical depiction of the life of an honest police office. Nivin Pauly owns the movie with the persona of a determined person who will not bow before any harsh criminal. Usually, such films have a brutish villain who kidnaps (usually the love interest) a relative as an insurance to make the cop feel the guilt and to make him into a ruse. Thankfully, this movie is devoid of all of that cliches. Biju is not a super action hero, he is just an ordinary person, wanting to create a society where women and children could go to sleep in peace. Hilarity is the base of the film. Biju’s angry outbursts followed by those moments where criminals speak for him are funny. Notably the “muthe pinangale” scene, followed by the person slapping a criminal while Biju was harshly questioning him. Biju also had to pay the price for being “too good” as a cop. He gets blamed when his colleague loses his cordless and the way he recovered it is the best moment of hilarity. While tracking down thieves he gets to see the painful side where the family experiences the fire for the crime committed by the relative.

The pressures faced a brutish cop is also shown like human rights activists criticizing his lack of ethics. There are downsides to this movie. Like the situations where he had to use profanity to make his point to a human rights activist who claimed that he is using too much force to deal with the criminals. A man is devoid of that status if has no mustache as per the Malayali custom, and the movie shows the wrongful depiction of homosexuals. From the beginning till the end we are part of the police lifestyle, the only few minutes of breath out process is the song where Biju goes for an outing with his fiance. There are many well directed touching moments; the scene where he arrests a maid for stealing jewelry but her daughter happens to be an NCC volunteer who won an award from Biju and the scene where a husband (Suraj Vanjaramoodu) is betrayed by his wife’s infidelity. After watching him perform in several slapstick comedies, it was nice to see Suraj in a character role, he nailed down the scene where his confesses the truth about his affection towards his daughter. Nivin Pauly’s subsequent reaction is also apt in that scene. When the movie ends we might even think, we want all cops in Kerala to be like Biju, dedicated with ample service while being nice to the victims and for his ability to induce fear into the minds of the perpetrators. Abrid Shine created a realistic environment within the walls of the police station followed by real dialogues and characters with layers. Technically the movie has apt structuring with cinematography, editing, and yellow tone, though there’s nothing extraordinary in terms of presentation.

Overall the film is just an entertainer but the comical aspect makes it worthy of multiple viewing. Watch it especially for Nivin’s different approach since “premam”, “Bangalore days” and “thattathin marayathu”.


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