5 Performances By Katrina Kaif Where She’s More Than A Pretty Face

One of the most beautiful and hardest working actresses of her generation, Katrina has carried herself over the years with memorable dance sequences and roles which helped her debunk the notion of being a doll-faced actress. Personally, I used to despise her and the fact that she used to get films just because of her looks. Ever since I watched new york, I knew that there’s more to her. Katrina has shined well in films that gave her the opportunity to work with great directors and actors. She is not just a pretty face. Here are the 5 performances by Katrina Kaif 🙂

1. New York (2009)



New York is one of the notable films which helped her earn the status of an actress than just a pretty face. She plays Maya, a human rights activist and, wife of terrorist Sam (John Abraham). She is torn between her husband’s secret role and to keep traumatized Muslim Americans from being deported illegally. Katrina has her moments; the scene where she reacts to Zilgai’s (Nawaruddin Siddique) death, where she confronts Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh) with a gun and the climax.


2. Phantom (2015)



One of the most notable roles of Katrina where she plays the RAW agent Nawaz Mistry, who goes to Pakistan to kill the people behind 26/11 attacks with Daniyal (Saif Ali Khan). This is the one role which didn’t focus on her sex appeal and looks. We see her in action and, in spite of the film lacking the proper steadfastness, Katrina’s liveliness made the ending worthy.

3. Meri brother ki dulhan (2011)



One of my most favorite performances by Katrina where she plays the happy go lucky Dimple.

4. Namastey London (2007)



This is definitely one of the most underrated performances of Katrina’s. Her British act is lively. You will like Jasmeet as much as you loathe her.

5. Ek tha Tiger (2012)


One of the reasons why I am listing this is because it is a different flavor from Katrina. She plays the ISI agent Zoya where she gets to be the kickass heroine, though her role is limited in order for Salman to stand out. My favorite moment is the scene where she rescues Tiger from the ISI agents in Istanbul airport.



Featured image: hdwallpapers.in


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