B’Day special: Meryl Streep

One of the greatest actresses of all time. Record holder with 19 Oscars nominations and three wins (and counting). She is known for her versatility, steadfastness and for being an icon for women. Meryl Streep is imprinted in the history of Hollywood cinema. Here are my favorite roles by Meryl.

  1. Sophie’s choice (1982)

A story that takes place during the Nazi era, Meryl plays Sophie, a woman who is haunted by her past. Meryl delivered a groundbreaking performance, the scene where she had to choose between her daughter and son is so disturbing that we wouldn’t want to be in a position like that. Meryl won a well-deserved Academy award for her role.


2. Silkwood (1983)

Meryl plays Karen Silkwood, a woman working at a nuclear plant who raises her voice after discovering the unsafe conditions. Silkwood is known for the portrayal and is regarded as one of the best feminist films released in Hollywood, directed by Mike Nichols. Meryl’s performance earned her a well-deserved Oscar nomination.


3. Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

Along with Dustin Hoffman, Meryl won her first academy award for her haunting performance as a woman who is fighting for the custody of her child. The memorable scene is the “how do I look?” scene at the end.


4. Iron Lady (2011)

For her depiction as Margaret Thatcher, first British prime minister, Meryl won her third academy award after 17 nominations. Her voice, mannerisms and dry sense of humor equal to that of Thatcher’s, thus bringing her to life.


5. Devil wears a Prada (2006)

This is my favorite role of Meryl’s, not just because of her formidable portrayal of a strict boss, but because at one point we will start liking this character instead of hating her. While Miranda Priestly is unnerving and taunting, her humorous quotes, ease in dialogue delivery, facial expressions and her humane side makes her likable. Her combination scenes with both Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt are downright and excellent.


6. Doubt (2008)

Movies like doubt remind us how great Meryl’s versatility is. She plays a Catholic principal who suspected a priest having an ambiguous relationship with a troubled student. Co-starring Amy Adams, Philip Seymore Hoffman, and Viola Davis, who gave their cents to this film, doubt is a must watch performance of Meryl Streep.


7. August Osage County (2013)

In this brilliant film with an ensemble cast, Meryl plays a strong-willed woman who is suffering from Oral cancer and addiction to narcotics. Her scenes with Julia Roberts are great pieces of acting and they both earned oscar nominations.


8. Bridges of Madison county (1995)

A major mark in Clint Eastwood’s career all due to the strong presence of Meryl Streep.


9. Out of Africa (1985)

The movie is based on true story, by acclaimed director Sydney Pollack. Takes place during the early 1900s in British East Africa, Meryl plays Karen Blixon, a baroness looking for love and support. She has her moments, making it a great experience.


10. The river wild (1994)

An edge of the seat thriller, co-starring Kevin Bacon, David Strathairn and Joseph Mazzello. Meryl plays Gail, a water rafting expert, who goes on a vacation with her family. She is persuaded ta gunpoint by Wade (Kevin Bacon) to take them on river to avoid authorities. Meryl is fantastic in this action packed adventure.

Happy Birthday Meryl Streep.!


Featured image: ibwall.com


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