No Escape review

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No escape is the 2015 survival flick starring Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan, written and directed by John Erick Dowdle.

Jack Dwyer (Owen) takes his wife Annie (Lake Bell) and daughters to (an undisclosed country, likely Cambodia) Asia as he gets an opportunity to work for Cardiff. While they stay in a hotel and try to adapt themselves in the Asian environment, a riot breaks out causing them to flee for their lives with the help of a Briton named Hammond (Pierce Brosnan).

There is no in depth storyline and the theme is simple, Jack Dwyer and his family are trapped in a country where they find it difficult to communicate due to the lack of English speaking locals. The riot that follows are killing every foreigner seen by the locals mercilessly, especially Americans. The movie resembles the theme related to how locals are losing access to clean water due to the dominance of Coke company. No Escape is an enthralling thriller that puts the audience at the edge of their seats till the very end of the movie. Combination of cinematography and editing increased the pacing of the film and we won’t notice the passage of time. Sequences represent war within the civilian population where the ordinary people and families are affected by the pressures inflicted by the rich and dominant.  There are many exciting moments within the action packed environment; like the scene where Jack tries to jump across the bridge, forcing his wife and daughters to do the same, the scene where Hammond rescues them from a group of rebels, and the conversation between Dwyer and Hammond where Hammond confesses. Owen Wilson did a fantastic job with his controlled acting and apt mannerisms that makes us believe that he is doing everything he can to save his family. Lake Bell has many good moments, and Pierce delivered his standard performance where all good moments come with. Brosnan’s character is indirectly depicted as the anti-hero who is part of the organization responsible for the riot and it was interesting to witness but it should have been elaborated more as Hammond is more like a down-to-earth and kind individual. Sterling Gerins has a befitting presence since her small yet major part in conjuring and is adorable at times. John Erick Dowdle’s writing and direction delivered a thriller. The three act structure is done with an enticing event happening every 10 minutes with addition of with blended dramatic moments and humor. However, there are many muddles in terms of plot-points that the filmmakers left out; the climax was too cheesy for a film with so much build up and they killed an important character just for the sake of killing. The reason why the locals are attacking Cardiff employees are mentioned, but it would have been nice if they disclosed more about the riots instead limiting completely to a survival movie, where the role of the apocalypse is played by the locals with swords and guns.

The Weinstein company delivered films with minimum guarantee in terms of quality of the films. No escape is a thrill ride that is worth your time even if the film lacks depth.


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