B’day special: Mohanlal

Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair, popularly known as Mohanlal celebrates his 56 birth anniversary today. Over the years, his talents earned him critical acclaim and huge fanbase across Kerala. This versatile actor has the unique ability to do variety of genres. On screen, we see, not Mohanlal, but the character he is presenting.

Celebrating his birthday, here are the memorable must watch films of Mohanlal…

1. Manjil virinja pookal (1980)

In his debut, Mohanlal plays the intriguing villain who causes the rift in Sankar-Poornima love story. This film shows one of his most memorable appearances.


2. Ente Mamaattikuttiammaykku (1983)


Another memorable film from his career building days that strengthened his status as an actor.


3. Unaru (1984)


Earliest Mani Ratnam- Mohanlal combination, a must watch for all fans.


4. Poochaykkoru mookuthi (1984)

Film that boosted the careers of several people, this slapstick comedy is one of the most popular films in Malayalam cinema. Mohanlal presence with his natural acting makes it livelier.


5. Nokketha doorathu kannumnattu (1985)

“amme.. ente shirt kanammo”

Although the film is owned by Nadiya, Mohanlal also made an impact with comic timings and in drama scenes.


6. Onnu muthal poojyam vare (1986)

The 20 minute cameo of Mohanlal’s is considered as one of the best moments in Malayalam cinema history.


7. Mazha Peyyunnu Madhalam kottunnu (1986)

One of his memorable slapstick comedy performances. Don’t forget his reply when Srinivasan asks him “How many kms from Miami beach to Washington DC?”


8. Gandhinagar 2nd street (1886)

The film where he plays a goorkha. His chemstry with Karthika is brilliant.


9. Thoovaanathumbikal (1987)


“Namukku graamangalil chennu raaparkam”. Poetic film.


10. Nadodikattu (1987)

One of my most favorite films of Mohanlal. A unique bland of comedy, suspense and drama, Mohanlal delivers a memorable performance.


11. Chitram (1988)

The songs, the picturisation, the location and his scenes with Nedumudi Venu makes it a memorable classic.


12. Samnmanassiluvarkku samadhanam (1986)

A cult classic from by Mohanlal and Sathyan Anthikad.


13. T.P Balagopalan M.A (1986)


Good film about family and affairs. Mohanlal’s performance is memorable.


14. Kireedam (1989)

The one that got Mohanlal his first national award. A film with one of the greatest climaxes shot in Malayalam. Mohanlal and Thilakan makes it even better.


15. Vandanam (1989)

Slapstick comedy with memorable moments.


16. Dasaradham (1989)

The film where we see one of Mohanlal’s best character performance. The ending is worth the mention.


17. His highness Abdullah (1990)

A classic from that genre. Mohanlal plays a killer who his hired to kill the Thampuran. The direction, songs and Mohanlal’s performance makes it a memorable classic.


18. Bharatham (1991)

One of my most favorite films of Mohanlal. A film about family and loss. Mohanlal received a well deserved national award.


19. Kilukkam (1991)

The success of this film is immense as people will sit down to watch this film with the same enthusiasm and thrill. The comic scenes are remembered.


20. Yodha (1992)

A different flavor in Mohanlal’s filmography. Martial arts and his connection with the boy Unnikuttan is adorable.


21. Devasuram (1993)

An all time great classic.


22. Manichitrathazhu (1993)

Who will not remember the eccentric yet clever psychiatrist Sunny Joseph?


23. Aaram Thampuran (1997)

Savari giri giri… Mohanlal and Manju Warrier pairing is well remembered.


24. Ayal kadhayezhuthukayaanu (1998)

“Nammukku chothichu chothichu pokaam”


25. Devadoothan (2000)

A box office flop which became a success when telecasted. Now it is cult classic and Mohanlal’s performance as Vishal Krishna Moorthy is memorable.


26. Thanmathra (2005)

A great film with intense performances, Mohanlal plays an Alzheimer’s patient who dreams of his son’s success in civil service.


27. Paradesi (2007)


Two different personas embodied by the actor.


28. Pranayam (2011)

An art from the acclaimed director Blessy. Mohanlal and Jayapradha combination is appreciated.


29. Grandmaster (2012)

A popular suspense thriller.


30. Drishyam (2013)

The highest grossing film in Malayalam cinema. A memorable film with intense suspense.

Disclaimer: images belong to their respective sources.





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