B’day Special: Deepika Padukone

Since her debut in Bollywood with Farah Khan’s 2007 magnum opus “Om Shanti Om”, Deepika Padukone gained the audience’s love with her gracefulness, alluring looks, and a dimpled smile that melts your knees. Her big break was in the year 2013, where each of her films grossed over 100 crores at the box office. As an actress, Deepika established herself as one of the finest in Bollywood and she deserves all the credits due to the way she improved, from a stereotypical grinning ornament to a versatile leading lady who’s been the voice for women across the country.

Here are my favorite roles played by Deepika.

  1. Mastani, Bajirao Mastani (2015)



Mastani is a warrior princess enclosed in an extravagant persona. The way she is introduced is stupendous, she enters Bajirao’s (played by Ranveer Singh) tent to seek his help for defending her palace in Bundelkhand. She earns Bajirao’s respect by showing her skills as a fighter. She falls in love with Bajirao and follows her heart to be his wife, even after knowing the consequences. One of the best moments of Mastani is the sequence where she fights off several men, who came to attack her, with her son in her arms. She is a mother, warrior and a feminist figure.


 2. Piku, Piku: Motion Se Hi Emotion (2015)



Piku is a strong career-oriented woman living her 70-year-old father Bhaskor (Amitabh Bachchan). She looks after him and every once in a while, they have arguments regarding his eccentricities. What I like the best is the depiction of Piku as a Desi woman, yet she has a strong sexual nature and voice in her family. Deepika did a fantastic job with her punchy acting and she had great chemistry with Amitabh Bachchan as her father. She does not need a man to be her backbone, she is her own person.


    3. Leela, Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela (2013)

ram leela


Leela is the Desi version of Juliet, set in violent times. With Sanjay Leela Bhansali directing her, Deepika delivered a memorable performance as Leela, a woman stuck between her love for Ram and her loyalty towards her mother and family roots. Leela evolves as a person, from a gullible young woman to a hardened individual, with every major experience. Even though the film is not that great to live to the hype that surrounded it, Deepika’s performance is worth watching.


4. Meena, Chennai Express (2013)



As a film, Chennai express is only mediocre. But, Deepika delivered a comic performance that’s worth the time. Her sleep disorder sequence is hilarious.



5. Suzy/ Meow Meow, Chandni Chowk To China (2009)



The movie is so terrible that it destroyed Nikhil Advani’s reputation as a good director. Even Deepika’s acting as Sakhi was over the top ( like when the police threatened to arrest her in the Great wall of China), but her portrayal of half-Chinese ninja warrior Suzy was a different flavor for heroines in Indian cinema. Her introduction scene at the airport is more than enough to show that.



7. Sandy, Om Shanti Om (2007)



Deepika did a sincere job in her debut film. Her portrayal as the gullible Sandy is considerable. Her fangirl moments with Om Kapoor (Shah Rukh Khan) is down right and hilarious.


8. Serena Unger: XXX Return Of The Xander Cage


Can’t wait to see her in action. She is my favorite already 😛


Which is your favorite role of Deepika? 


Featured image: hdfinewallpapers.com



  1. Hi karthika,I just went on through your blog now. It’s really interesting. Keep on writing. Seeing your passion on movie’s,I hope we gonna get a blessed story writer in future. All the best.

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  2. Hi Karthika, just saw your blog. I’m really impressed, u have put in a lot of hardwork and dedication. It’s great to see that you are wholeheartedly and very creatively pursuing your passion for films. Loved your blogs and also the presentation.. Do keep on writing genuine reviews like these, so movie goers like us, can save our money ;). Hope to read some of ur work soon… Wishing u all the best for a successful venture:)

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