Dilwale review


“2 hours and 38 minutes, that’s how long this movie is”

Just like how SRK narrates every line in this film, as if he wants to stab the hearts of the audience with his charisma, I want to ask the director Mr Shetty in person: Exactly, where are you going with this film? What are you trying to achieve?

Dilwale is a romantic action flick about Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) and Meera (Kajol) born in rival families (a theme that’s been used a lot) trying to unite. Fate tears them apart and years later their respective siblings try to do the same along with their own little romance. Convenient isn’t it? For the siblings to fall in love just like that, a theme that is again familiar to us (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham). Now Raj A.K.A Kalia (Shah Rukh Khan) have a secret role that intrigues his rivals and the audience alike. At least, that is what his ‘mission impossible 4’ form is trying to do.

The movie is nothing more than a cluster of Rohit Shetty’s most wanted features in a film, like flipping cars, men shooting guns at an angle that defies Newton’s law of gravity, sexism and abhorrent comic timings. He showed Dilwale before in pieces, through his works named “Golmaal 3” and “Chennai express“. Now he dragged in the most loved on-screen couple of all time, and this movie is indeed an ugly stain in their filmography. The only moment that was refreshing is SRK’s infinitesimal tribute to ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayege’ towards the end of the film.

The whole movie was not completely horrendous. It has few good fun moments amidst Johnny Lever’s over-the-top ’70s style acting, that was lamely imitated by Varun Dhawan (along with his flimsy Shah Rukh Khan posture). Also, both SRK and Kajol managed to keep their steadfast quality in terms of performance. But then the problem is with the unbelievable plot with hypocrisy and exaggeration at every corner. Like Raj falling in love with Meera and Meera reciprocating it. Kajol *almost* did something cool and different, i.e when she revealed  herself as the antagonist (or almost). But this stops abruptly when she is in a ‘mission impossible 2′ car spinning stunt with SRK. I think the movie’s a tribute or copy of mission impossible series. Anyway, Shetty never let his women characters become up to the minutes unless they’re in good costume or makeup. Also as an audience member in general, if there’s anyone who believed Dhawan’s comparison of Dilwale with Inception, please remove it from your memory.

SRK and Kajol shouldn’t have done a ludicrous film like this since their previous works together have a specific irrevocable standard. They have great potential as actors individually and have proved it in their previous works. Therefore, both of them should try to make better quality films to keep up their image. Hoping to see exemplary work from SRK through Raees and Fan.


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  1. Very diplomatically put across Karthika. I’m sure if it was someone else, he/she would have been real harsh on the film maker and the actors.
    Rohit Shetty is almost made a David Dhawan out of himself. He sure has to come of age. But SRK and Kajol could have- least to say- said no to roles like this….
    I really liked your language. Keep writing. Looking forward to more reviews…..


  2. Hi Karthika.. I started reading ur blog recently..i think u pen down a genuine review of each film..now on i would make it a point to read ur review before choosing to watch a movie…n must admit that u r a great movie critic…keep writing and i luv ur language..

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  3. I agree with you completly. Individually I love SRK and Kajol, however, the movie was a letdown after all the hype that led upto it. 😒However, I did love the songs in the movie 😉

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