Thondimuthalum Drisakshiyum review

Thondimuthalum drisakshiyum is one of the best films in 2017. I bought the Blu-ray and watched it in one go.

The movie is about Prasad (Suraj Vanjaramoodu) who falls in love with Sreeja (Nimisha Sajayan), a girl from a different caste. They move to Kasargod after marriage after finding it difficult due to the family and peer pressure. While they were traveling, a man (Fahadh Faasil) steals Sreeja’s thaali (sacred thread) and swallows. Sreejas sees him do it at the last minute, seemingly, she is the only eye-witness. People rally around him and he is taken to the police. The rest of the plot deals with the police trying to extract the necklace from him while Prasad and Sreeja watch him.

The beginning is slow but then it takes off once our thief enters the scene. The beauty of this film lies in the realistic depiction of the events. Whether it is casual conversations, life in town or a typical scene in the police station. And the actors who played police officers in the film are police officers in real life as well. The film rests on the shoulders of four characters mainly Prasad and the thief. There is no specific hero or villain in the movie. The hero is the one trying to do what is right, and the villain is circumstances that are keeping them down. To Prasad, both drought and lack of cooperation from his people are the drawbacks he faces. For Sreeja, apart from the thief, she faced violence from her parents in the name of honor and her individuality was threatened until Prasad decides to marry her. While for the thief, hunger and poverty are villains.

Watching the film is like, witnessing actual events. There is no exaggeration, no artificial acting and it was nice to see Suraj play a real character as opposed to his loud overreacting comedy days. He has nailed it in both Action hero Biju and Kammattipadam and hopefully, he will do more character roles. The film belongs to both Suraj and Fahadh. Fahadh played a role where he deglamed version himself and the look on his face shows the slick, and manipulative. The mischievous look he gives while trying to negotiate with Prasad and Sreeja for 5000 rupees is both creepy and hilarious. Yet he feels sorry for Prasad because the man who was affected the most by him is the one taking care of him. Fahadh redefined the whole idea of stars using roles that challenge their talents as opposed to simply “looking nice”. This is undoubtedly Fahadh’s best performance till date. Nimisha is controlled and looked apt. Dileesh Pothan has given two real heroines with Maheshinte prathikaram and Thondimuthalum drisakshiyum. People want to see real people, people they could relate to. Sreeja is a strong and determined woman. And she is also human at heart who feels for the one in distress. Alencier stuck to his standard and kudos to the police officers for giving an insight into how they work.  I just wish that they did more in terms of ending. We know that everything ends in a good way but there is a massive plothole. How does the cop get his necklace back? If the case goes unsolved then the evidence is locked away.

Technically with fast cuts, smaller dialogues and orange tone, we are introduced to the world of police and people who are struggling. The team did a fantastic job.

Films like Kammattipadam, Take Off, and thondimuthalum shows the power and range of Malayalam filmmaking. Waiting to see more from the team.

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