Fifty Shades Freed: Finally Free


This is my reaction, in a nutshell, after the film got over.


I was like… what the hell did I just watch? Let alone invest 6 hours of my time to…? When you add all three films. Fifty shades trilogy made over 1 billion at the box office and it kind of gives hope to the mediocre writers. Well… I will give my honest review. 😀


First of all, the film has a pleasant beginning. The wedding and honeymoon sequences were better than twilight saga breaking dawn part 1. Because the couple, especially Ana looked very happy as opposed to Edward and Bella who were awkward the whole time. Then, once Jack Hyde came into the picture, the film brought us the elements we were familiar with.


The movie was just boring. The characters, despite going through three films have not developed a personality. Not even Marcia Gay Harden could save the day. Dakota is better, not great but better when compared to the previous films. She did a commendable job in emotional scenes and tensed moments but otherwise her voice lacks passion and power. Jamie Dornan as always looked bored and or tired with the idea of acting in the whole series. He could not even make up for the scenes that could have given him the opportunity to shine. Like, when he “cries” for the first time. I rolled my eyes after seeing his blank face and we wouldn’t know if he cried until Ana says “are you crying?“. I was just as surprised.

However, the part where Ana tried to save a woman from Hyde. That part was handled cleverly. Ana gives him an impression that she is leaving him but then he manages to figure out that she is in trouble. But… Nope. After seeing the way he mistreated and upset-ted Ana, the idea of him being a saviour is bleak.


You could make out how interesting the film was when you forget about it after 30 minutes. Not even the sex scenes could bring in the interest. There are unnecessary nude scenes simply intended to show off Jamie’s abs or Dakota’s breasts. Their intimate moments looked soulless. The only plus point is that Ana as a person changed and she is able to make decisions instead of being suppressed under her husband’s shadows. She knows what she wants and she tells him straight to his face. Christian, on the other hand, gives you more reasons to hate him than love him. The scene where he punishes Ana by denying her the pleasure with the vibrator, frustrating her in return, is horrifying. Does E.L James seriously think that it is romantic or “cute” when a guy uses sex to punish his wife? That too because she wanted something basic like freedom. If it weren’t Ana’s outburst following the sequence, this would be in the top ten anti-fem flicks.


Jack Hyde could have been the redeeming factor. Some instances beg you to feel scared or sorry for him. But you won’t that’s how the writing failed. And Ana’s colleague who constantly expresses her jealousy is predicted as a ruse in his game. Just like the Twilight saga, the supporting characters have more personality when compared to both Ana and Christian. Notably, the architect who tries to flirt with Christian and Ana’s happy go lucky friend.

They tried to increase the likability with more sex and suspense but in the end, it simply becomes fruitless.

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