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Avengers: Age of Ultron review

When the president of the United States was kidnapped in Iron man 3, the SHIELD didn’t bother to get themselves involved. When the SHIELD was compromised and when 95% population as shown in Captain America: winter soldier, was under threat; the Avengers did not assemble. Now, they all came out of nowhere…


To investigate a Hydra base that is holding twins Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) with incredible powers.  In spite of his semi-retirement as shown in Iron man 3, Iron man returns with a perfectly functional suit.

Avengers: age of Ultron is a poorly written and medium paced sequel to the 2012 blockbuster Avengers. Iron man (Robert Downey Jr)  is the *almost* antagonist in this film. He was mentally manipulated by Wanda A.K.A Scarlett Witch into believing that the world is going to end and the only choice of resolution is to create something that can give them all a break. But he chose not to tell his teammates about it and asks his partner in crime Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) to do the same. He tries to justify it to an extent and being a self-proclaimed narcissist himself who still have a lot to learn about team spirit, that deed from him is understood. The reason why Bruce Banner remained quiet is beyond me. Anyway, together they end up creating an AI form named Ultron (James Spader), who believes that humans must ‘evolve’ via mass destruction.

What’s with super hero films and mass destruction as it’s a central theme?

Maximoff twin’s story arc is pretty convenient. It should have been developed more but instead, it stopped abruptly. Elizabeth Olsen did a sincere job as a disturbed young woman, but Aaron Taylor-Johnson failed to deliver an adept performance. He didn’t speak rapidly like Pietro/Quicksilver was depicted in X-men cartoons. His face was stoned with one expression while his female counterpart managed to stand out with the rest of the cast.

We get to see a little more of the Black Widow’s (Scarlett Johanssen) past including her “graduation ceremony”. It was a good twist to the Widow’s character even though it disappointed some of the fans. Also, another least impressive aspect is the forced romance between her and Bruce Banner. Neither did they share good chemistry nor was it properly established. It’s like the Black Widow abruptly quit flirting with Captain America (Chris Evans), based on what’s shown in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Robert Downey Jr shined in this film like he always does. Mark Ruffalo stuck to his vehement personality with controlled acting. Another plus point is the character development of Hawk-eye (Jeremy Renner) that makes him more likable and there were few good moments of his; for eg: “I’ve had it with mind games” scene, his family story, him giving the guilt-stricken Scarlet Witch motivation and the final scene where goes out to rescue a boy amidst the showering bullets. Chris Evans improved a lot since Captain America: winter soldier, with better action sequences and instances that made him a super human.

Even though the action sequences looked broader than it’s predecessor, this film is a repetition. The supervillain/machine steals Loki’s sceptre, a talented person is manipulated into working for him, super heroes under the influence of telepathy (the difference is here everyone, except Hawkeye, is affected), A city is in trouble and final countdown before the destruction of Earth.

Avengers: age of Ultron defied a lot of expectations and it was replaced with over-the-top action and unnecessary plotlines.

However, It is a good one-time watch entertainer.


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