Kali review: Well Done And Over Done

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Kali is a film about temper and unnecessary chaos it creates. Siddharth (Dulquer Salmaan) has a bad rapport for his temper, among his family, friends and peers. He’s been making fights from childhood and at college he could group fight against group. He marries his college sweetheart Anjali (Sai Pallavi) who is gentle and loving, obviously tired of his short tempered nature. Their life become a roller coaster ride of humor, thrills and tension due to Siddharth’s ferocious nature. Things become intense when they come face to face with John (Vinayan) and Chakkara (Chemban Vinod) during  journey stop at night in a remote hill area.

Sameer Thahir did a unique style of presence where the visuals are based on the main character’s emotions. We experience the scenarios depicted through Siddharth’s POV. We see him get into trouble occasionally. Little things from irritating sounds, to colleagues hitting him in a friendly yet painful manner drives Siddharth mad with anger. Many film goers were able to identify themselves with his nature as Siddharth represents the life of an everyday person who is under pressure and frustration. He shouts out in the bathroom alone when he couldn’t express his exasperation in public, people even little kids shout at him back whenever he vent his rage on them. Dulquer Salmaan did a fantastic job in his role. The blackness in his eyes followed by the irkness makes the whole dramatic aspect of his character. The first half is about his life with Anjali, presented with light humor and everyday characters. He makes unnecessary fights which also creates friction in his marriage. The second half introduces John and Chakkara into the scene. Siddharth’s unnecessary quarrel puts him and Anjali in jeopardy. We feel Siddharth’s helplessness in that scene, kudos to both Thahir and Salmaan for the apt depiction. Sai Pallavi is a natural actress and her frightened performance is upto the point. The scenes where Anjali is shown helpless before her husband’s anger is well done and Sai Pallavi nailed it. She has good chemistry with Dulquer, letting us have a peek into the matrimonial life of a young couple. Their combination scenes are adorable to watch, notably the scene where she tries to irritate by eating chips out loud and the one where she helps him overcome by gifting him with smileys. The first half can be watched again and again to witness that aspect. after the interval, there’s shift in genre, from a romantic comedy to a suspense thriller. It puts you at the edge of your seats and we are with these characters in their rides. Even then, the movie is flawed.

It is literally impossible to see a malayalam film which does not endorse stereotypes, like the potential rapist is a dark looking guy with an ugly grin who is also addicted to porn, the one with money has power but it grows if he able to get henchmen and woman seeking revenge by asking her man to hit… sorry… beat the shit out of the guy who misbehaved with her. It might works in terms of the entertainment value and that’s what the movie intends to have. Suspense part is the best aspect of the movie which has the touch of the Bollywood film NH10. Some of the action scenes were overdone where Siddharth looked like a macho hero, when will Malayalam film industry let go of that culture? Vinayan did his part well and his character shift is another positive aspect. Instead of showing off too much violence, the story highlights a message regarding how kindness will earn resolution for the individual and how much one’s character can affect an entire scenario. What bothers me is the abrupt ending of the film; did not really show in what direction the plot was going and looked incomplete. The character development of the villains also looked hazy, it would have been better if it was explained little more, especially John’s story and his involvement with the shop.

Kali is an entertainer that is worth your time and can be put in the list of good films which was both overdone and incomplete.


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