15 Good Things About The Twilight Saga

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Once upon a time, the twilight saga spread around the media like an AIDs breakout. While teenagers wooed over their fantasy heroes and love ingredients, critics found it difficult to accept the movie’s quality, especially after analyzing the impact it created. Twilight saga entered in the list of worst blockbuster films ever made. The effect of the saga reduced along with the last film after which the source material rarely came into the media, unless it involved stories related to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s breakup and personal life. 2012 cheating scandal is said to be a major reason behind the abrupt decline in movie’s popularity but it was predicted way owing the abhorrent direction, acting, plot and cringeworthy sequences like excess stares, mechanic dialogues sequences; all this have been dissected, criticized beyond imagination in the last 8 years. After analyzing, I came up with 15 good aspects about this series, this idea sparked after watching Nostalgia critic’s video which spoke about 11 good things from the star wars prequels. Thank you critic for the idea.

So dear harsh critics, buckle up… 15 good things from the twilight saga;

15. Logo presentation followed by strong beginning of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

Creative, enthralling, in a way it explains how they have manged to market the films. 😛

tumblr_m19o0afjyo1r094b5 source

Twilight begins with the shot of the mountains at twilight and the blue tone gives it a cooling effect. Twilight also shows an awesome intro where a deer is hunted and attacked by a human figure.

tumblr_mvvbksc7gN1sc6eqeo3_250 source

New moon shows the covering of the moon in darkness, presenting the logo behind it with shiny edges coming in slowly. Also, new moon’s beginning is impressive enough to grasp the audience’s interest, we see Bella run towards a clock tower which sets leaving space for the audience’s imagination, but this diminishes once Bella wakes up.

tumblr_mvvbksc7gN1sc6eqeo5_250 source

Eclipse’s even better. A young man named Riley is stalked and attacked by a vampire at night in the rain and we see him scream in agony.

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