Avengers review: A thrill for every fan.


Winter’s coming.

We all eagerly waited for them to unite. Iron man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssen), Hawk-eye (Jeremy Renner) and last but not the least, the incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)! They join forces under the leadership of Cpt. Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) to fulfill the dreams of every marvel fan.

The movie begins with Loki (Tom Hiddleton), the ultimate super villain because he’s got more female Tumblr fans than the heroes of this film. Nah! just joking. He wants to make the earth bow before him as opposed to his brother Thor’s wish, that is to have peace with people. He manipulates several people into working for him (his plan using the tesseract), with the help of his scepter. After surviving the havoc created by him, Nick Fury calls out to everyone to get ready! Then we are introduced to the avengers. The SHIELD started the avengers, an initiative to unite the Earth’s mightiest heroes to defend her from hostility. In this case, Loki’s Chittauri (intergalactic alien army).

The film is named the avengers, It means that the film is about them as a team and not just about the trouble-in-the-city that follows every super hero. Creating a perfect ensemble is the essential aspect of this film’s making since nothing else, other than explosions and stereotypical plot points, is expected from super hero flicks.

hawk eye

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Jeremy Renner did an appreciable job as the Hawk-eye. Hawk-eye is a watcher who sits in his ‘nest’ all the time ensuring that there aren’t any chaos or disturbances. Seeing his talent and potential, he was manipulated by Loki for his good use along with Thor’s good friend Eric Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard). I was disappointed to see Hawk-eye being reduced to that level but it is a good plot point for the whole structure.

iron man giphy

Iron man  image source

Iron man has transformed into the people’s person as he installs the device that will provide the city clean energy and he has a committed relationship with Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow). He was invited back into the avengers initiative (He was disregarded earlier for self-obsessed and narcissistic behavior) after the threat was revealed to him by Agent Coulson (Clarke Gregg). Robert Downey Jr dominated the film with his Charisma, narcissistic personality and dry sense of humor. Also, this is the film where he actually does something for the people rather than saving his reputation. The movie belongs to him and Scarlett Johanssen.

black widow

Black Widow  image source

Another person who takes the major piece with her charisma is the black widow. In her introduction sequence, Black Widow was being interrogated by a Russian general with slaps and threats. After receiving a simple call from Agent Coulson informing her about Hawk-eye’s compromise, she decides to get off the situation that was clearly under her control, with a showdown. Don’t miss Widow’s fight with several armed men, using the chair she was tied to. Scarlett Johanssen created a persona that’s more than just a pretty face. She’s slick, smooth and wouldn’t hesitate before giving a nice punch. She’s a very interesting character with depth. As a fangirl myself, I would like to ask Paramount pictures and Marvel studio, When will we get an independent black widow film?


Captain America  image source

Being the fist avenger and due to his qualities, Captain America is the leader of the avengers. Chris Evans looked less impressive compared to the other cast members. He’s too chocolate boy to be the authority, or we are used to that image from his previous films (Cellular, Fantastic four).  His action scenes were impressive but he didn’t seem like a “super hero” unless he’s holding his shield; not to mention that lame scene where he fires a gun during one of the attack scenes in SHIELD.


Thor  image source

Unlike Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth created a godlike image for Thor with his deep-toned commanding voice and machismo. Thor is a loyal demigod from Asgard. Hero with the hammer, Thor commands the lightning and the audience.



Hulk  image source

This movie has the most interesting depiction of Bruce Banner. Hulk is the “other guy” found within the clement and good-natured person depicted by Mark Ruffalo. He’s stressed about the fact that he’s forced to live a life away from social interactions in order to avoid extreme anger but he is trying to hide it under his gentleman behavior and helping mentality. That’s what makes this character likable. Mark Ruffalo was better than Edward Norton and faaaaar better than Eric Bana whose performance is repugnant in Hulk (2003).

The visual effects team did a stupendous job with the effects and 3D quality. The whole New York sequence was shot effectively with excellent pace. Alan Silvestri created a military style theme music, which could have been a little more modern. The ensemble and performance quality of the cast with respect to their characters is what makes this movie what it is. There is dragging in between, after the introduction of all the characters. This also made the story-line at that point a bit unclear (about SHIELD’s “spying” activities). Also, they should have elaborated more on why SHIELD sees Thor as a threat (not giving anything more away). Avengers was an incredible experience in the theater full of excited and screaming fans. Otherwise, and if you leave out the ensemble, it is just another super hero film.


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