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The conjuring is 2013 horror film inspired by true events, based on a case study by the renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, the team who worked on several paranormal investigations like the Amityville horror, Annabelle doll and haunting in Connecticut. The conjuring features the case that was kept under wraps for years.

Roger (Ron Linvingston) and Caroline (Lili Taylor) Perron move into a large house located in the country side, with their daughters Andrea (Shanley Caswell), Nancy (Hayley MacFarland), Christine (Joey King), Cindy (Mackenzie Foy) and April (Kyla Deaver). As the days go on, they start to experience supernatural presence like occurring rancid smell, movement of objects, voices, and attacks by a malevolent ghost named Bathsheba (Joseph Bishara). Each and every member is attacked one way or the other; Caroline Perron (Lili Taylor) is the one who is affected the most and she falls deeper into the abyss of paranormal occurrences, starting with bruises on her arms. They eventually track down the demonologists Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) who work on investigating the paranormal presence. Lorraine is a powerful clairvoyant while Ed is a dedicated demonologist. This incident is so malevolent that it becomes a huge challenge.

The conjuring is not devoid of every horror movie cliche like;

  • Family moving into a new home which is haunted.
  • A member becomes possessed and tries to kill a child.
  •  A child makes an imaginary friend who turns out to be a ghost.
  • Jump scares.
  • Gory violence.

But, of all horror films I have watched recently, the conjuring is the best in terms of presentation and direction quality. The cinematography is what creates the hair-raising situations as we tend to anticipate something might happen and will come out of nowhere. The camera follows each character, in a way putting us along with them and we follow what they are viewing. Unlike, most films who use over the top jump scares and cheesy ghost sequences, the conjuring works on the psychology based on what the viewers analyse.

The movie begins with the presentation of the story related to a haunted doll named Annabelle, there are no gory violence or jump scares, but the visuals managed to create an eerie nerve-racking environment on-screen. In addition to the visuals, the sound also play the significant role in the frightening aspect. Silence works in most along with the creepy music that raises the stakes for the characters depicted. It follows the tradition of asking the 15+ aged viewers to watch it with someone and to have extra panties as back up. However, the intensity of the movie will reduce with every view as we will anticipate the coming sequences.


Vera Farmiga stole the show with her expressive eyes and gentle voice, embodying Lorraine Warren in the best way the audience will remember. Lorraine is gentle, sweet and brave and the audience will love her for that. Patrick Wilson looked less impressive compared Vera Farmiga but his gestures, body language, and vocal performance helped him a strong presence. Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston were apt in their respective roles. James Wan introduced the lives of the Perron family in a warm tone. The cinematography with continuous movement along with creepy music creates the essence.

What’s more surprised is the real life inspiration associated with the making of the movie. Most horror films have taken something or the other from people’s experiences, just how Ed Warren says “if there’s a positive force, there will always a negative force to counter it”. The conjuring in a way focusses on that. The movie has a better ending, which in a way a daring move from the filmmakers’ part as the audience prefer to watch more violence and deaths onscreen.

The conjuring is a recommended movie for all horror movie lovers.

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