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Virtual reality has become a reality. We were introduced to several scenes including the VR trailer of conjuring which scared many people out of their wits and a small sequence from the Jurassic park.Virtuosity is probably one of the first films that experimented with the theme related to Virtual reality, a technology is in an almost successful stage. For a film that used mediocre CGI and effect sequences, Brett Leonard managed to extract the anticipated amount of thrills. Even then, having great actors like Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe being involved in it was indeed jaw dropping.

Lt Parker Barnes (Denzel Washington) is imprisoned for murder and he is subjected to experimental virtual reality where he is tracking down a serial killer named Sid 6.7 (Russell Crowe). The challenge for him becomes gigantic when Sid 6.7 escapes the virtual space into the real world.

The plot looked ridiculous initially with over the top action, acting and even worse version of a villain played by an actor with an unlikely face, Russell Crowe. He didn’t look like a villain let alone a robot. Crowe’s performance was too cheesy and even worse when you watch it after “a beautiful mind” or “gladiator”. One of the reasons why I watched this movie is because of Crowe as his films had a minimum guarantee in terms of quality. Same in the case of Denzel Washington. He is one of my most favorite actors and I liked all of his films and even the film quality is poor, Washington’s performance concurred with my theory on his filmography. Washington is lively as always and his charisma made the experience worthwhile. It is seemingly Washington’s attempt to do a different genre and to take over the authoritative part. Kelly Lunch is good but forgettable. The movie has a clever theme but the structure and execution are all wrong. For an innovative theme, the baseline included a kidnapped girl in distress who needs to be rescued and our hero is the hope. The CGI looked mediocre and the action along with Russell Crowe’s over the top acting is abominable but then the chase sequence and the twist at the end of the film compensated it. Cinematography and editing worked there by creating action environment along with the thrills. One may question why was Sid 6.7 brought to the real world in the first place? What was the guy’s true intentions? Also, one of the main character’s death ruined the pacing of the movie and during that period, no matter how thrilling the film is, a major character is always killed off.

Even then I enjoy watching the film thanks to the uplifting end. So, why would watch virtuosity apart from Denzel and Russell Crowe? All I could say is, give it shot maybe the adrenaline junkies could find some pieces they could use for the blank space in their fast paced lives. Virtuosity is a mediocre film but even then, it is a good film of that genre I have watched recently.


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