” You can dance..

You can jive…

Having the time of your lives…

See that girl!

Watch that scene…

Digging the dancing queen…”

Do the lines ring a bell? If it does then your childhood was awesome!

I was just 4 years old when I listened to the song “Dancing queen” for the first time and since then I became an ardent fan of the ABBA music troupe. Written, composed and sung by the ABBA (Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn, Anni-Frid). They stole the hearts and ears of millions of musicians and music lovers all around the world. India is, of course, one of them. The ABBA will be remembered towards the end of the human civilization for the variety of tunes and emotions they brought in the music. They played a huge part in my childhood (I want to relive it again). Some of them bring tears to my eyes and goosebumps. Gone are the good old days when songs and lyrics had some meaning in them, If you want to see a great set of songs then my dear new generation singers, listen and learn it from ABBA. Here are my top 15 favorite songs of ABBA.

1. Dancing Queen

’70s rhythm. Listening to this song makes me want to stand up and dance. Women’s voice makes it lively for our auditory senses.


2. I have a dream

The song with the perfect guitar solo to start with. Then Frid drowns us into the abyss of her perfect voice. Frid sang some of the best songs of ABBA.


3. Another town, Another train

This time, gentlemen took over with their quintessential quality of their skills. Listen to the initial tunes.


4. Knowing me and knowing you:

The song is great and you could listen to it a million times.


5. The winner takes it all:

The song is written by Bjorn Ulvaeus after his breakup and divorce with Agnetha. The song is performed by his ex-wife. But passion knows no bounds.


6. Fernando:

There is something in the air that night, the stars so bright Fernando…

It is exactly what I felt while listening to it.


7. Baby gimme one more dance:

I love this song. #enoughsaid . You would give them one more dance.


8. Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight

This is my most favorite among Agnetha’s solo.


9. Chiquitita

ooooh… It’s getting cold in here. No one can use the guitar and piano combination better than our ABBA team here.


10. Super trouper

Amanda Seyfriend? Meryl Streep?

When I was a child, I always said that this is my favorite song.  The charismatic voice of Anni-frid finds it’s way to your heart. Don’t forget Agnetha’s  “statue of liberty” posture in the music video.


11. Eagle

A flying sensation is created in the rhythm from the creative minds of ABBA.


12. Summer night city

A unique disco music that has the essence of city life.


13. Happy New Year

A sad passionate song.


14. Thank you for the music

ABBA’s official thanks ot the audience for giving them the inspiration.


15. The day before you came

Passionate solo by Agnetha.


[Disclaimer: This is a modified article initially published in author’s personal blog.]

Featured image: getabba.com


One thought on “My Top 15 Favorite ABBA Songs

  1. Yes I also have lots of memories with the Abba songs. I believe that the combination of passionate in depth lyrics and perfect music composition are the key to the success of ABBA.
    It’s not so easy to choose the best 15 songs of the great music band. Still I am trying to share a few..
    1. I have a dream: it’s a classic from Abba. Inspirational and superbly sung.
    2. Another Town
    3. Winner takes it all
    4. Happy new year
    5. Chiquitita
    6. Summer night city
    7. Dancing queen
    8. Hasta manana
    9. One of us
    10. Fernando
    11. The day before you came
    12. Voulezvous
    13. Gimme gimme gimme
    14. Eagle
    15. Knowing me knowing you

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