X men: Apocalypse review

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You did it again Bryan Singer!

My expectations were high before coming to the theatre even though the trailer wasn’t that impressive. Apocalypse is a popular storyline in comics and cartoon. When a team of talented actors join forces with a visionary director backed by a good script, you will get a magnificent result. That is exactly what X-men apocalypse is.

Magneto (Michael Fassbender) is a wanted fugitive around the world since the incident at Washington DC. He is trying to live a normal life with his wife and daughter. Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is still working alone and she rescues Nightcrawler (Kodi Smith Mcphee). Prof Charles (James McAvoy) is successfully running his institute for gifted youngsters along with his friend Hank (Nicholas Hoult). He gets a new student named Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan), Alex Summer’s brother with destructive optic beam as his power. He is visibly attracted to a smart girl named Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) who has a powerful telepathy power. While their lives are going smoothly, in remote Egypt, CIA agent Moira McTaggert (Rose Byrne) discovers a tomb that enclosed a powerful mutant named En Sabah Nur A.K.A Apocalypse (Oscar Issac). With the help of a ray of sunshine, Apocalypse rising from his tomb awaking a new nightmare for the X men.

The plot is thrilling enough to engage the audience from the beginning . The movie has the combination of suspense, action, visual elements, heartbreak and humor making it an enjoyable masala flick.  Bryan Singer’s artistic inputs are noticed from the very beginning till the end with a proper three act structure. This movie remains with you for a long time after you have watched and it happens very rarely as far as the super hero films are concerned.



Just like it’s predecessor X men days of future past, this movie a perfect set of redemption and wish fulfillment of the audience; like the return of Quicksilver (Evan Peters) and his character depth, introduction of Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Sophie Turner is very much unlike her game of thrones version. She is smart, witty and clever. We finally get to see Jean Grey the way we want to see her, the real power of the phoenix is revealed in this movie and Cyclops shined better compared to the previous films with his cleverness and determination during a fight.



James McAvoy makes a good pair with Michael Fassbender when it comes to their foe and friend relationship and we will get the best acting treat from them. We get to see the emotional side of Eric better and Michael Fassbender nailed it whenever he is on. The main attraction is Jennifer Lawrence herself, who handled her role with grace and controlled acting.



Mystique sets out to help Eric after knowing what happened to him and that was a good shift of perspective as we always knew Mystique as a stubborn individual. Nicholas Hoult added adorable cents with his lively performance. There are a couple of aspects that required extra polishing. Apocalypse is an amazing character for an antagonist, he should have been given more depth, with an addition of his storyline in one of the predecessors. The X-men worked really hard in X-men days of future past to convince the human race that they are not dangerous, therefore, the sentinel projects were cancelled and the future is reset. However, after what happened towards the end of this movie, it is likely that mutants are in the list of dangerous species. Also, what’s with this mutant?



She is amazing in terms of action and flexibility and definitely she deserves her own film but, she is hardly mentioned in this movie except for the small monologue by the apocalypse.

Technically, the action and effects were not overdone unlike most recent films of this genre. Everything is up to the point and keeps you engaged without giving you a headache. DC filmmakers must learn a thing or two from the X-men films. The 3D effects were substantial and John Ottman added adequate music as per the situations. Also, look out for the best cameo of Wolverine ever.


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