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The whole team is back with the visionary director who brought the X-men franchise to Hollywood big screen. X-men: Days of future past is loosely based on the comic book version where Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat has the power to phase a person’s subconscious back in time. The movie features the fan favorite villain of the marvel cinematic universe, the sentinels.

The sentinels start a war in the present, end up wiping out the mutant population and the remaining survivors have to improvise. Shadowcat (Ellen Page) sends a person’s subconscious back in time so that the other mutants could be warned before the sentinel’s attack. Arch rivals Prof Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) join forces to survive the ordeal. After knowing that he could withstand 5-decade long time travel due to his healing power, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) volunteers to go back to the year 1973 in order to stop the creation of the sentinels and to win back the trust of the human race. The key to the building of the sentinels is none other than Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) whose DNA is used for building the sentinel’s ability to withstand any mutant power. Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) is the creator of the sentinels as he sees the mutant race as threats. Mystique already has Trask  in her death list as he is responsible for the capture and killing of her mutant friends. Wolverine’s biggest challenge is to convince the drunk and powerless young Charles X Xavier (James McAvoy) to stop and help Mystique before she is captured by the humans. The rest of the plot deals with mutant’s struggle for survival both in past and present.



In simple words, the movie is just awesome. The last few films, i.e. x-men 2, x-men the last stand and x-men origins: Wolverine were big disappointments and this film is a huge redemption. Bryan Singer’s vision and the plot structure outdid the expectations of the audience.

Some of the special effect sequences were overdone (the stadium sequence) but the 3D effects were great in the action scenes. The combination of cinematography and editing created many memorable moments that are worth mentioning due to the artistic value. The scene where the Quicksilver (Evan Peters) saves Professor X, Magneto, and wolverine from getting shot by the guards in the Pentagon kitchen.





Which raises the question, how come he was not invited to go to Paris to stop Mystique from killing Trask? Another plot-hole that bothered me is how come Wolverine is send exactly back to 1973? Why not go to that period of time when Xavier and Magneto were divided as per the events in x-men first class, and stop the whole rivalry there and then?

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender stood shoulder to shoulder as the best performers, their presence made the screen lively and made the other actors do well. Hugh Jackman was steadfast, it is always a pleasure to watch him act and no one make Wolverine looks sharp and upto the minute the way he could. Wolverine’s dry sense of humor, determination and loyalty makes him a lovable character. Jennifer Lawrence delivered a decent portrayal as an innocent young girl who loves Charles X Xavier like a brother in X-men: the first class but she didn’t look aggressive or scary as the blue-bodied mystique. However, I am against the whole idea of her being miscast as Mystique because she is not exactly a cold-hearted villain. She is a person who is simply in the crossroads of right and wrong. For that JLaw was perfect, but we do Ms Rebecca Romijn Stamos who added terror to Mystique’s on-screen persona.

The effects were great, like many other critics, I do not appreciate the excess usage of CGI on screen but they had what was necessary.



Ellen Page stuck to the core depiction of Kitty Pryde.  Halle Berry had less role but, in the mean time, Storm delivered an epic showdown with a large group of sentinels coming her way. The game of thrones star Peter Dinklage as Mr. Trask might seem a little a strange initially until it turns out that he is the one with the brains. His deep voice draws in respect and his tough gestures that shows how serious he is and his irrevocable midset is a challenge for the X-men, and Dinklage’s version is the best onscreen portrayal of Trask.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the X-men: evolution cartoon series. The act that they killed off several fan favorite characters reduced the thrill of the whole experience. The reasons that pushed me to watch this movie even though the last few X-men movies were dispiriting were:

  • Idea of merging of the original version and the prequel

The movie is the sequel to both X-men: the last stand and X-men: the first class. So the audience hoped for the correction of every mistake the filmmakers committed while structuring the previous two movies. And they did. I just hope that they won’t make any more mistakes.

  • The cast: 

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are both great actors. Hugh Jackman will always be there to return as Wolverine. Halle Berry came back as Storm to do her action. Peter Dinklage added his extra cents with his vocal performance in Ron Burgundy style appearance. Nicholas Hoult is adorable and loyal as Hank McCoy. His first meeting with Wolverine is one of the best comic moments in this intense movie. Then, we have Jennifer Lawrence who is simply good at whatever she does (except to in removing her good girl charm) and Ellen Page as my favorite character Kitty Pryde. Kitty possesses the best power any mutant could have after Jean Grey’s telepathy and Wolverine’s healing. Aside from that every scene with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have good acting moments. Memorable scene is the one where Stewart says “we need you to hope again”. But I am disappointed that Anna Paquin is not there inspite of her name written in the cast section. Magneto managed to retain his powers even though he was cured in X-men the last stand (whatever happened to the adult Mystique?) so why not bring Rogue too?  Besides, in X-men: Evolution, Rogue is a tough warrior and in the movies she was stereotyped as a girl who wants a boyfriend above everything else.

  • Return of Bryan Singer

Mr. Singer left the direction role since the X-men: last stand, leaving scope to criticism as Brett Ratner did his part to ruin the franchise before the critics. Then a disaster in form of X-men origins: Wolverine followed. Bryan Singer’s direction is brilliant with mixture humor, art, tension, solemnness and action perfectly. When I saw Mr. Singer’s name as the director I though “Perfect, The movie is going to be great”.

And… (Not giving the plot points away) All those who were disappointed after seeing X-men: the last stand will be glad after this movie (the ending). This is the best X-men movie released so far and second best film from the MCU. Experience it in 3D.


Disclaimer: this is a modified review that was first published in author’s personal blog

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