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The marvel studios have been receiving millions in the form of enthusiastic teenagers who enjoy a good kick from an explosion scene and martial arts fight sequence. Since the success of iron man, Marvel studios went on delivering back-to-back blockbuster super hero films. Even then, we have to wait impatiently for a Black Widow film. After the release of Captain America winter soldier, Capt Steve Rogers became a popular icon, thanks to the film quality and strong visuals.

Hydra is said to have been a part of SHIELD and they have made a weapon that could kill a large number of people across the earth. Captain America and Black Widow joins forces with Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Dr Maria Hill and Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) to stop this from happening. Their big obstacle is the supposed super villain, the winter soldier (Sebastian Stan) who is programmed to kill everything in it’s way. Why is he a super villain? Because he could do this…

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Captain America:the winter soldier is no different from other marvel films in terms of plot structure. There’s a super hero and a super villain, but the super villain need not be the ultimate bad guy. The main villain is an ordinary person who is way above the super hero’s level due to his wealth and power, therefore a major challenge for him. This ordinary villain will looks nice and desirable initially for the sake of fooling the audience. Finally the earth or a large population is in big trouble and the super heroes will have to join forces to save the day, leading to infrastructural damages and causalities. For someone who watched many super hero flicks back to back, it is very difficult to avoid noticing the similarities.

What makes the winter soldier better compared to the previous marvel films is the fact that it is an assuagement for the critical failure (and mixed reviews) of Captain America, iron man 3, and Thor 2 . The characterization of the winter soldier is very well done and Sebastian Stan performed accordingly. He is scary and, at the same time he becomes the guy who is lost. Chris Evans evolved from a boring chocolate boy to the kickass icon teenagers were looking forward to watch. There are many memorable action moments of Steve Rogers where he shined without the need for the gun, totally atoning the dumb scene from Avengers where he uses a gun. The action scene were under a limit and is does not follow the DC’s “destroy everything” style of filming the action sequences, the kind that gives one a migraine. Even then, the final fight sequence follows the old school race against time challenge for the super heroes where luck serves them better than their skills. Black widow is there… just there to clear the path for Captain America, although she claims in a monologue that she did something great.



She had to be rescued by Rogers twice and lost the fight against the Winter Soldier. Black Widow is supposed to be one of the avengers who successfully fought an army of aliens, but her fighting strength is limited to agents in this movie. This is a woman who is worthy of lifting Thor’s Mjolnir, but she is reduced to a ruse. The avengers showed a good development and backstory of the Black Widow, which highlights a single question, when will we get an independent Black Widow film? The plot structure repetition is seen here, but the Black Widow deserves her own film as she is the most interesting character among the avengers due to her character depth and Scarlett Johansson can be a presence with her charisma. Her ability to stand out with the ensemble is the proof. Anthony Mackie delivered a worthy performance as the Falcon although he couldn’t shine that much in this film. The one person that filled the screen is Samuel L Jackson. One can’t imagine anyone else in that role as Mr Jackson embodied the character with his strong performance.



The memorable moment is his confrontation scene with the antagonist where he reveals his blind eye. It was nice to see Robert Redford and he stood up with the rest of the cast as usual with his aura.

Henry Jackman created indelible soundtrack that matched well with Captain America’s action. Technically, the MCU are evolving with the addition of more CGI oriented action sequences and explosions. The cinematography and fast editing increased the pacing of the film, making it an enjoyable ride to sit through. The filmmakers stuck with the usage of CGI for the action sequences and the 3D effects are upto the point. There’s nothing that exceptional in this film as far the as the direction is concerned, but there are good moments. Like Steve visiting the museum that showed Capt. American’s history, his moment with Peggy where she suffers from short term amnesia and the final scene where the members of SHIELD stood up for the Captain.

Captain America the winter soldier is an enjoyable ride that can experienced well in 3D, but the more you watch it, better your analysis of the structural similarities become. But it is a masterpiece when analysed from the crew’s POV and a catchy thrill for the teenage audience.


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