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Captain America is one of the most anticipated films of 2016, at the same time, it is also the toughest competition for DC’s Batman vs superman: Dawn of Justice. Unlike it’s DC counterpart, Civil war managed to impress the critics and viewers alike. I just hate the fact that Hollywood is currently dominated by the superhero film culture and that people literally think the filmmakers are out of ideas. Most of these super hero films have the same kind of story, characterization, hero-villain tussle and a climax where things can go under hill for the civilians and the infrastructure.

Civil war introduced a story line that was pointed out by critics after watching most of the super hero films (especially man of steel), i.e. the number of collateral and infrastructural damages they have creating during their fight with super villains. After what happened in Sokovia, U.N have released the Sokovia accords that demand the Avengers to work under surveillance of the govt. 117 nations are ready to sign and the Avengers are divided amidst their opinions. Captain America (Chris Evans) wants to work as per his instincts while Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is ready to co-operate with the govt. Major difference arises when the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) comes into the game.

Now the first question I want to raise is, why “Captain America: civil war”. Almost everyone in the Avengers team is present (except Thor and Hulk) and each of their character development is done well. This movie should have been named “Avengers 3”, or (as far as I am concerned) “Iron man 4”, because the movie focuses more on Stark’s ideologies, compared to Stark, Captain is nothing more of a vigilante. Also, just like we experienced Hawk-eye’s action in Avengers age of Ultron, we get to see the Falcon shine. Anthony Mackie has performed better than expected and amidst the large ensemble of favorite super heroes, he stood out well as the Falcon. The character depth of Bucky is another pinnacle and Sebastian Stan is flexible in terms of his portrayal. Some of the action scenes of the Winter Soldier were created just for the sake of action. Robert Downey Jr dominated whenever he is on screen (as usual). For a change we get to see Tony Stark make the right decisions instead of relying on his egos. However, he was also presented as a spoiled kid fighting for his lost toy more than as a matured individual. That’s what the whole “Civil war” scene looked like.


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About the “epic”(according to some fan boys) fight scene towards the climax, seemingly the fight between Tony’s “side” and Captain’s “side” was created to know who is the most powerful as per his/her physicality or skills. Two groups with bipolar opinion fighting with one another, all for what? When you think about it it is quiet cheesy as the fight could have avoided completely. Analyzing each of their skills, Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) could have stopped the fight by herself with her telepathic powers, what was she doing with her “swishing” powers alone.  Also, what was the vision doing? This is the same person who can lift Thor’s Mjolnir, the “worthy”one. His only involvement was mortally injuring the War machine (Don Cheadle) and treating Scarlett witch like she is some machine. The movie also tried to redeem the portrayal of women in Avengers age of Ultron, especially that of the Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssen), her action scenes at the beginning of the film was interesting to watch.



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We also get the see the humane side of her when she concurred with Tony Stark, but then the filmmakers can properly redeem only as long as they create an independent Black Widow film where we get to see more of her story. She is the most complex character among the Avengers and no one can replace Scarlett in that role. Black Widow could not stand upto the super villains and this is quiet annoying in terms of her portrayal, as if the filmmakers wants to either uphold the sexism in Hollywood or they want to please meninist movement where they demand women’s role to be reduced to that of a sidekick or ruse (or damsel in distress). Tom Holland as the Spiderman was interesting, hoping to see more of him in the future films. Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther turned out to be a typical person looking for vengeance, but the way he handled his revenge is another positive aspect. Daniel Bruhl is a very good actor but he turned out to be the worst villain in this franchise even though his introduction was quiet intriguing.

As far as the Technical side is concerned, the film is fantastic and it can be used for the reference. The 3D effects are spectacular, sound effects were even better as they put you in the environment along with these super heroes. Cinematography is executed so as to bring these characters and their ideologies to life. We get to experience what they experience. Trent Opaloch’s work deserves the mention. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo made a fine mixture of humor, action and effects to make this into a re watchable entertainer but it was not upto the hype surrounding it’s release. Cviil war still stick to the super hero culture with over the top cheesy action and plot holes, but it is definitely the most enjoyable super hero film I have watched recently, assuaging the failure of Batman vs Superman: dawn of justice.


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