After all the internet hype, promotions and world tour, it is indeed heartbreaking to see the film get ripped and dissected by critics. The hype alone is what tempted me to watch this film. At the same, I knew that something could go wrong after seeing this moment from the trailer.





Man of steel’s punch is blocked by the batman. It means that the film will definitely follow the old school super hero film tradition: Super heroes are temporarily overpowered and beaten to have a final dramatic show down. And there are other traditions;

  • City in trouble
  • Lois’s attempts to do something heroic which results in making her a damsel in distress.
  • Explosions (too many of them)
  • A character dies and (hopefully) comes back to life.
  • Melodrama (again too much)
  • A psychotic villain that makes a critic think over and over “Where do these guys come from?”
  • Objectification 
  • Those moments that are shot to get maximum applause from the audience


Now this film is the continuation of man of steel, but focuses on life and times of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). After losing many of his friends during the Superman (Henry Cavill) vs Zod (Michael Shannon) fight scene as shown at the end of man of steel, Bruce swears revenge against Superman. Superman on the other hand, is worried about the way Batman is spreading fear by taking the law in his hands. Amidst all this, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) develops his “plan” and at the same wants both Batman and Superman dead. That’s the plot of this film in a nutshell. 

Initially, (the first hour) this film is pretty enthralling with artistic visuals, good pacing and thrilling elements in terms of story telling. In a way we could understand the POVs of both Batman and Superman. However the last 45 is atrocious and I was counting seconds until the film is over. The only redeeming aspect is Wonder Woman’s showdown, even though it lasted lesser than expected.


The storyline is a combination of what was depicted in previous DC films, especially Batman begins and man of steel. Towards the end I thought “why do they have to make the same thing over and over?”. These films have also created a superhero culture, which is currently dominating Hollywood. It’s not about the art, or the story, but action (timelength of action sequences are too much to handle) The only new concept is the Batman vs Superman A.K.A fight between egos. Zack Snyder didn’t lose his “300”and “sucker punch” tone when it comes to visuals, like the texture, slow mos and amount of CGI action sequences that will make one nauseous by the end.

You must be aware of the latest viral video “Sad Affleck”. Even if the film is not entertaining this short video will atone the money and time you spend for this film. This video also begs the question, if Ben looks like this now then how did he react when he received all that backlash after being cast as Batman?

Ben Affleck turned out to be the best thing in this movie with his controlled acting and apt mannerisms. Gone are the good old days when he swept up bad reviews with his dead eyes and stone face; Gigli, Daredevil and Paycheck. Although he cannot be compared with Michael Keaton and Christian Bale in terms of quality, Affleck’s portrayal is decent enough to stand out. Henry Cavil hasn’t changed a bit and performed as if he didn’t want to look stressed out. We see the repetition of what we saw in man of steel and there were times when the audience itself lost confidence for superman especially after the scene where he bowed before Lex Luthor’s challenge, that is to kill Batman. That’s is stupid move from superman’s part provided he has super speed and superhuman strength. While Wonder woman’s role is limited to a cameo there is significant establishment of the justice league characters, that’s the good news for the fans. Amy Adams never disappointed with her performance, but Lois Lane is the woman we all know; someone who tries to do something brave but ends up a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. The role of Lex Luthor looks like it is written for Jesse Eisenberg who did a fine job. Laurence Fishburne… is there, just there. Why is he even there? 

Robert Downey Jr, I mean 😛 Jeremy Irons delivered a steadfast performance as Alfrid. Alfrid’s personality and his dedication is well depicted as well his mild aversion against Bruce’s role as Batman. Irons looked and sounded like Robert Downey Jr, which could literally fool the audience.

jeremy irons

Another aspect that bugged me is, why use the name Batman vs Superman instead just “Dawn of Justice”? Former is the kind given to cartoon films and in spite of all the development and hype, the “versus” part ends as soon as it begins. The film is not completely devoid of enjoyable moments but filmmakers should seriously consider working on new plot structure along with technological aspects of film making.


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