Finally, Elise gets the centre stage but the plot was not strong enough to earn her a standing ovation.

I was all pumped up for the film.

Elise gets the stage and we get to see more from her past. She is a very interesting layered character within the large dark world which also gives us a routine round of laughter (unintentional). If there is anything that is keeping the insidious series going then it is definitely Elise. She is funny, charming, smart, brave, and has an intriguing “OMG” face when she faces the entities.

Elise (Lin Shaye) always had the gift of seeing supernatural beings and while doing so, she got to visit the other world. Her father abused her a lot due to the same through her mother believed her story. After years of abuse and neglect, Elise gathers enough courage to run away from the house and start a life of her own, thus making a team with Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson). She comes back to her house and estranged brother as per the new case. And she ends up unveiling more dark secrets related to her past and her father.

This has a lot of scary situations and the settings are done well for the mood. We get to see Elise as a deeper and more sensitive person. She is strong in the face of adversity. Lin Shaye did justice to her character and makes a great team with the eccentric duo.

The final twist works because we would rather see what drives an abusive man as opposed to condemning him wholeheartedly. Afterall, a father can never be that cruel to his child. Female characters are interesting. Spencer Locke and Caitlin Gerard were lively. Locke added a bit of her girliness shown in the resident evil films. Apart from Specs and Tucker, I just wished that they did the same for the male characters, notably her father. The twist related to the evilness is very interesting and intriguing. In fact, it is one of the uplifting parts of the film but it was just not soulful.

However, Elise’s bond with her mother worked better. She never left the world after her death, she was always looking out for her daughter. The climax is too disappointing for a film with a string buildup. I had a lot of expectations when it comes to the concept “the last key” The name of her town itself is “5 keys”. The monster too cheesy and the climax happened within minutes. And finally one will go, “is that it?!”.

Otherwise, the film would have been better with the storyline, scares, suspense and how the dots were connected leading to the Insidious. James Wan’s absence is what is felt throughout the film.


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