This film is better than the first one!

The reason why I am saying this is because Hollywood has a general trend. Either the sequel is so bad that you will hate the original. Or it is so good that the original will be forgotten. Insidious Chapter 2 is of the same standard as the first movie because the first film has given enough setup with characters and storyline, so, we won’t feel a jerk when new characters are brought in.

The movie begins where the previous film left off. Renai finds Elise dead and she is even more distraught after seeing the image of the bride in her husband’s place. But a possessed Josh manages to “act” in order to get her trust. This scene is done just as creepily despite being predictable. After seeing the end of insidious, you might expect Renai to be killed or Josh will be just as dramatic. The situation is creepy because you know that Josh is possessed. Yet he somehow manages to make you believe that he is not. Then we see more of the bride in black, an idea James Wan formed in the first film which became a storyline for the second that synched in well.

One of the best things about this film is that it is purely character driven. You will feel sorry for the bad guy despite his malevolence. You will understand Renai’s dilemma and her vulnerability. Yet there is a strength to her due to which Josh himself relied on. The family stuck together and fought for one another. The familial aspects make this film.

Patrick Wilson did a fantastic job in this movie. I found his performance in the first film ludicrous. Well… I take it all back! He played the possessed guy and the “normal” guy perfectly. He has made Josh look both desperate and at the same time, he is strong in the face of adversity. Wilson’s body language and expressions worked. Notably at the moment when he has a casual conversation with Carl. His face changes and becomes serious every time Carl mentions “old lady” or Parker Crane. The climax worked because of Wilson’s performance.

Rose Byrne is lively and Ty Simpkins is determined. Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell brought the loving duo back. The soul of the film is definitely Lin Shaye as Elise. Her presence adds the liveliness and strength to the film. I am glad that the filmmakers are going on with her at the centre.

Technically the film followed the stage drama setup. Wan has made a great impact on studio horror films with Saw, Conjuring and insidious. Did he purposefully create the “clown show” setup? If he did then it worked, though he could have avoided the “stage” like performance from the possessed individuals. It might make you laugh. Joseph Bishara’s music blended well with the thrills. However, some of the jump scares were too obvious and film ended up bringing back the old school goriness and violence at one point, and it was unnecessary for an innovative theme and world. Cinematography has captured some shots that put in the further with the characters along with the sound effects.

Insidious chapter 2 is definitely worth your time with its depth, interesting characters and storyline.

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