From the makers of Saw, comes a different horror film taken in a cliched style. Yet I love it!

Insidious features a cliched storyline; A family moves into their new home and they experience super natural occurrences. Now, we may think that, “this is yet another cliche“. But it is not and the story is handled cleverly. It is not the house or the evil spirits. But there is a whole new dimensions that has beings that wants to live again. They managed to “touch” the lives of the family. And, it is better you watch the film without knowing anything related to the theme and the storyline.

The film looks like a stage play, generally. Whether it is the setting, production design, even acting style but it works for the theme as well as the eerie environment director James Wan intends to create backed by Leigh Whannell’s imagination. Wan successfully managed to make a child who is in a coma look creepy. Ty Simpkins unintentionally delivered a good presence on screen.

Rose Byrne is the soul of the film. Her vulnerability or desperate attempts to bring back her son makes the whole movie. Patrick Wilson could not be upto the point and he looked soulless in the scene he discovers the truth related to his son’s gift. It could have been a very impressive scene otherwise. The one who deserves the crown is undoubtedly Lin Shaye for her effective portrayal of Elise Rainier. Elise is the lifeline of the insidious series and Shaye has the unique record of carrying on a franchise for someone her age. Elise is eccentric yet there is a gentleness to her. She is warm and friendly. At the same time, she is brave in the face of danger. This is a woman who probably faced a lot of wrath and learned to live on. But the film’s ending was a massive disappointment if they wanted to take her out of the equation though the cliffhanger gives us a sense of hope.

The production design, costumes and makeup created the creepiness but it might make us chuckle a bit. However, the film’s cinematography added the horror effect altogether. The very shot reveals a ghost hiding in the corner where her (or his) clothes are camouflaged by the dark. The creepy smile reminds you of it’s presence. Then we see every other ghost simply appearing out of the dark or hiding behind each character. You may see them or you may not. Wan always takes you in with his imagination. You are in the film you are with the characters. Above all, the use of colours describe the effect of impending danger or vulnerability of the characters. Red is the danger zone while black is safe zone. We will know how dangerous world behind the closed red door is what happens if someone or something can access all of them.

Insidious is a good horror watch and a touching story of relationships. Combination of drama, Angus and Leigh’s dry humour and Shaye’s charisma makes the film watchable.


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