Birthday Special: AR Rahman

The Maestro of music A R Rahman turns 49 today. Over the years, he composed songs and background scores that made one dance, laugh and cry. The genius in him created haunting melodies for the critically acclaimed film “Slumdog millionaire” and eventually, he went on to make India proud by winning 2 Oscars and 2 Grammys.

Celebrating the life and career of this musical genius, here are my top 25 favorite songs composed by AR Rahman.

1. Kannalane.. (Bombay, 1995)

One of Rahman’s finest compositions and Chitra’s melodious voice makes this song is a good treat. Every song in Bombay have it’s own quality.

2. Netru Illathe (Puthiya mugam, 1993)

Listening to this song is like experiencing cool breeze. Revathy’s natural acting adds cherry to the cake.

3. Konjam Nilavu (Thiruda Thiruda, 1993)
A variety from A R Rahman. The best soundtrack with modern instrumentation.

4. Kadhal Rojave (Roja, 1992)
Old is gold. The song that shot A R Rahman to fame. Even today this is considered as his finest. S.P Balasubrahmaniam’s passionate voice and Sujatha’s vocals makes this a memorable melody.

5. En veettil thottathil poovellam (Gentleman, 1993)
Perfect classic composition with Sujatha’s voice to enhance it’s quality. Flower keeps blooming every time we listen to it.

6. Paccha kilikal (Indian, 1996)

A song that depicts the perfect life of a very happy family. One of A R Rahman’s best composition.

7. Taal se taal mila (Taal, 1999)

Mere words can’t describe the song’s beauty. Taal se Taal mila…

8. Jiya jale (Dil se, 1998)

Sung by the queen of melody herself, Lata Mangeshkar. With stylish picturisation, Malayalam lyrics, Kalari sequences and instrumentation makes this a audio-visual treat.

9. Jashn Bahaara (Jodhaa Akbar, 2008)

Jash e bahara takes us back to the time when Akbar ruled. Reflecting upon the old era, listening to this enhances my mood.

10. Dil se re (Dil se, 1998)

I can’t recall how many times I have listened to this melodious song. Shah Rukh’s charisma is something else.

11. Chinna Chinna asai (Roja, 1992)

Like the fresh breathe of air, early morning tea or the instruments you hear in your favorite concert.

12. Antha Arabi kadal (Bombay, 1995)

Every song in Bombay have it’s own charm. AR Rahman’s vocals made this song more stylish.

13. Maahive (Highway, 2014)

My eyes were filled with tears when song played during the climax of this film. Powerful song.

14. New York nagaram (Sillunu oru kadhal, 2006)

This song redeemed the bad reception of the film. The guitar solo made my day with A R Rahman’s passionate singing. Sizzling chemistry between Surya and Jyothika.

15. Pachai nirame (Alaipayuthey, 2000)

Haunting melody, that flows through you like a river.

16. Barso re (Guru, 2007)

Aiswarya Rai’s charisma filled the screen but AR Rahman’s brilliant composition takes the cake with Shreya Ghosal’s honey dipped voice.

17. Roobaroo (Rang de Basanti, 2006)

Listening to the song will make one feel like buying a guitar. The film’s haunting climax makes the song more effective.

18. Lagaan (Chale chalo, 2001)

Run like a warrior, Give everything you got. This song gives you goosebumps. Every song in Lagaan deserves it’s own description.

19. Kannathil Muthamittal (Kannathil Muthamittal, 2001)

This song gets better and better. Listen to the tunes.

20. Yeh joh Des hai mera (Swades, 2004)

No matter where you go, there is no place like home. This song does narrate that perfectly with AR Rahman’s composition.

21. Ishq bina (Taal, 1999)

Ishq ke bina hya jeena yaaro… I was like “Rahman ke songs bina kya jeena yaaro..”

22. Snehithane (Alaipayuthey, 2001)

This song never gets old. Perfect combination of classic and folk.

23. Jai Ho! (Slumdog millionaire, 2008)

The song that brought us the Oscar for best original song. It gives energy and positive vibe.

24. Maa Tujhe Salaam (Vande Mataram)

This song always brought out the patriot. This sounded the best during the 2011 world cup, where India became the world champion.

25.Shyama Sundara ke kedara bhoomi

Celebrating the spirit of the God’s own country.

Honourable mention: 

Padakaali (Yodha, 1992)

This song will send you ROLF with it’s funny visuals of Mohanlal and Jagathy. This song never gets old.

Which is your favorite AR Rahman song?

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  1. Hi kartika… You are a talented girl. Continue in writing. Waiting for new post. May god bless you..

  2. Nice work Karthu 🙂

    A very big thanks to u…i never knew tht the theme song of asianet was composed by rahman..:)

    And my fav includes the songs frm Rockstar, aye ajnabi frm dilse,pachaikiligal frm Indian,nilakaikirathu frm Indira ..hmmm the list goes on and on.. 😛 😛

      1. This is really great effort karthika nd this shows your utmost passion about movies. .keep going …al the best☺☺☺

  3. This is really great effort karthika nd this shows your utmost passion about movies. .keep going …al the best☺☺☺

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