That sparkly blue eyes, cute smile, ladylike gracefulness, gentle nature and a voice that sweet and refreshing. Charmian Carr played the eldest Von Trapp child in the sound of music. Her presence was a major leverage on-screen due to her beauty and effortless acting. She was my most favorite from the Von Trapp children. She had the look of a typical ’60s woman and a beauty with standards. She went on to become an interior designer who is known for her famous work with Michael Jackson. She wrote two biographies “Forever Liesl”and “Letters to Liesl”. She died on 17th September 2016 due to the complication of Lewy’s bodies. Inspite of doing just one film, she will be remembered.

Watch the song for which she is famous for…

Her on-screen siblings react.

Their official page: Their official page:


With Family credits:20th century fox


Sound of Music 50th anniversary reunion credits: Vanity Fair


RIP dear Liesl 🙁




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