My Favorite Malayalam Movies

26.Sandesham (1991)


“Don’t talk about Poland!”

The film that unintentionally made Poland into a cult country in Kerala 😀 Sandesham is my favorite political film which is taken in a satirical manner. Prabhakaran (Sreenivasan) and Prakashan (Jayaram) are brothers living under the same roof but belong to different political parties. They constantly bicker and throw cusses at eachother due to their difference in opinions. Thilakan plays the lead role as their father Raghavan who lived away from them for a long time, working very hard to fund their education. But, both of them throw it aside for their moribund and meaningless political career. The film is considered as an all time great cult classic of Malayalam cinema.


27.Gandhinagar Second Street (1986)

gandhinagar second street

To have his daily bread and due to the lack of proper employment, Sethu (Mohanlal) dresses up as a Gurkha from Nepal to stop the robberies taking place in Gandhinagar second street. His work had been going on perfectly until his ex-girlfriend Maya (Karthika) comes back to his life. The film is funny, romantic and touching. Mohanlal delivered his standard performance and is likeable. He makes the screen lively with both his one-liners and body language. He acts tough when he had to rescue his friend Madhavan from the angry residents of the colony while proving his loyalty to them. At the same time, he is vulnerable before the woman he loves. One of my favorite acting moments include Sethu becoming emotional after Nirmala’s husband Balachadran stands up for him before the colony members. The bond of love and trust between Nirmala and her husband is another pluspoint. I enjoyed this film a lot including Innocent, KPAC Lalitha, Sankaradi and Janardhanan’s tremendous presence.


28.His Highness Abdullah (1990)


The film which lauds music and one’s connection with the same. Raveendran’s songs fuels the film up along with the result by deadly combination Sibi Malayil and Lohithadas. The narrative is interesting and the cast did a tremendous job. His highness Abdullah is an important film in Mohanlal’s film. Nedumudi Venu won a well deserved national award for his performance as Udayavarma.


29.Anandabhadram (2005)


When I saw Anandabhadram for the first time, I was convinced that it is just another “gimmicky” film. But it got better and more interested with each view. The fast paced thrilling narrative, the concept behind nagamanikyam, the characters backed by solid acting and Manoj K Jayan’s tremendous presence as Dikambaran makes this film worthy. Also, this is one of the first films I owned in DVD which had high quality visuals and sound effects. 😀 there is a nostalgic sentiment associated with it. Santhosh Sivan’s cinematography worked well within the narrative.


30. Godha (2017)


The year 2017 saw many films with different flavors, starting with the likes of Ezra, Angamaly diaries, Oru Mexican apaaratha etc. The one that stood out in my memories in Godha, a film by Baasil Joseph, starring Tovino Thomas and Wamiqa Gabbi. The one aspect that attracted me to the film is the line “Porotta and Beef roast is like an emotion for Malayalees” (if you know what I mean 😀 ). I ended up admiring the narrative related to women and their ambitions along with wrestling being an important sport in Kerala. Godha is another important film with a pro-feminist narrative centered around a woman who not only lived her life on her terms but she inspired people notably Das. Renji Panicker stood out as Captain with tremendous introduction and one-liners that made the screen lively. Aditi Singh is the kind of heroine that young girls need.

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