16.How Old Are You (2014)


“Out of 14 prime ministers of Indian, only one person is a woman. Out of 15 presidents of Indian only one person is a woman. It is because there are no skillful women or is it because there is force that is blocking her vision… Who decides the expiry date of a woman’s dream?”

How old are you is actress Manju Warrier’s comeback film and the success catapulted her into a new phase of fame as someone who deserved her time in the limelight. She delivers a steadfast performance as a woman who led an uninteresting until her vision and determination changed her life altogether. How old are you is undoubtedly one of he best feminist films in Malayalam cinema, and one of the notable milestones since Parinayam. Along with Manju Warrier, Kunchacko Boban, Muthumani, Vinay Forrt etc stood out backed by Roshan Andrews’s vision. When I saw this film for the first time, I didn’t find it that impressive. But it gets better with each viewing. It is an inspiring film for women ,notable the ending shot that shows those women who broke the glass ceiling.


17.1983 (2014)

1077171_218087148345450_226309060_oI watched 1983 one day when I was very tired due to the exam tension and all. The very first montage that showed Sachin Tendulkar’s last day on field motivated me to stay at the edge of my seat till the end of the film. 1983 is a very touching film about a young man Ramesan (Nivin Pauly) who had a vision. Though were against his favour, he decided to pass the same to his son who goes to train in cricket. Directed by Abrid Shine, 1983 is a touching yet pleasant feeling film that is a ray of hope for dreamers.


18.Charlie (2015)


I was taken aback when the film won several state awards thinking that it is just another commercial entertainer. But, surprisingly, the film not only lived upto my expectations but it is well directed and acted. Parvathy and Dulquer Salman delivered lively performances and the pleasant feel delivered throughout Charlie and Tessa’s journey is worth the viewing. Charlie is one of the best films of this generation and one of the reasons why I include it here is because the film has the pleasant ending and instills an overall uplifting mood.


19.Kammattipadam (2016)


Kammattipadam is a haunting film about those men and women who had to suffer under the elites. Homes were lost, families were ruined, innocent people were killed, and two friends were separated. Rajeev Ravi’s direction, cinematography, background music, editing etc. were excellent and had the total feel. We feel as if we are with these characters in their lives. Dulquer Salman delivered a lively performance as the lead character Krishnan. But the breakout is Vinayakan as “Ganga” along with Manikandan Achari as Balan chettan. Vinyakan delivered a powerful yet haunting performance as Ganga, a man who had everything at one point yet he lost it. But, to Krishnan, his life mattered. Vinayakan won a well deserved state award for his performance and his victory was celebrated all over Kerala even in studios as narrated by actress Rajisha Vijayan. I myslf was thrilled to hear the same. What I liked the best about this film is that it remained with me for days after I watched and I felt sorry for Ganga as a character. The situation and the characters remain with you and you will relate more if you have lived all your life in Ernakulam city.


20.Take Off (2017)


Take off is a milestone film and the best movie of 2017. Starring Parvathy in the lead role as Sameera, a nurse who worked in Iraq with her husband Shahid (Kuchacko Boban), the film is about the time when Indian nurses were kidnapped and held hostage by ISIS in Iraq. Indian Ambassador to Iraq Manoj (Fahadh Faasil) is determined to bring them all out with the help of resources from Indian government (which includes CM Oommen Chandy and Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj, subtly). With Sameera’s help from the inside, Manoj works against the authorities to do the same. What I loved the best about the film apart from the narrative, is the execution which involves apt visual effects, cinematography and music. Parvathy looked perfect despite de-glamourizing herself. Fahadh Faasil is steadfast in his role. The best part is that the fim served as a voice for nurses who were deprived of enough salary and respect in Kerala.

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