20 Memorable Quotes By Movie Villains



“I Know It Is You, Fredo, You Broke My Heart. You Broke My Heart!”

-Michael Corleone, Godfather Part II (1974)




Vanity Is Definitely My Favorite Sin!”

John Milton, Devil’s Advocate (1999)




“What An Excellent Day For An Exorcism… It’ll Bring Us Together… You and Us”

-Demon, Exorcist (1975)




“There Are No Two Words More Harmful In English Language, Than ‘Good Job'”

-Fletcher, Whiplash (2014)




“I’d Have To Be Pretty Stupid To Write A Book About Killing And Then Kill Him The Way I Described in My Book. I’d Be Announcing Myself As The Killer. I’m Not Stupid”

-Catherine Tramell, Basic Instinct (1992)

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