20 Memorable Quotes By Movie Villains

“Every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain,” says Moriarity from BBC Sherlock series. And, every villain needs a motivation which leads to formations of chills down one’s spine. Some villains are so bad that they are good but some of them are just fired by a constant addition of fuel and would do anything to get there. Here are the 20 memorable quotes by villains from Hollywood films.



“Why So Serious?! … Let’s Put A Smile On That Face!”

– Joker, Dark Night (2008)





“If You Love Humanity, If You Love This Planet Then You’ll Do Anything To Save It”

-Sienna Brooks, Inferno (2016)



giphy (1)


“I’ll Be Back”

– T-800, Terminator (1984)




“I Am Not The God Of War, Diana. I Am The God Of Truth!”

-Ares, Wonder Woman (2017)




“Life Is So Important, How Can It Be So Fragile?”

-Walter Finch, Insomnia (2002) 

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