Here it is, yet another deviation from the path of the original story leading to the woods of confusion and digression. I simply wished that they ended the underworld series with Underworld evolution, that was a good resolution to a class film. The first underworld has everything I like, personally, in a film. A kickass female protagonist who is not a typical sidekick or a follower, well-choreographed action sequences, background score which matches with the goth theme, well-crafted storyline, and suspense. If the sequels worked well commercially then it should be credited to Kate Beckinsale and her slick yet graceful performance. Kate Beckinsale drew me to this film and I am yet to watch underworld rise of the Lycans.

The film continues after the events of Underworld awakening but deviated a lot. Selene asked her daughter to hide and Marius is after her blood. We have Semira in the film and she plays the role of Kraven as the ambitious yet dumb vampire who has personal interests with Selene.

Selene becomes a damsel in distress at several points in this film though we know that she is strong enough to end a fight with just three moves. She does that at the end and I went, “is that it?“. She is fooled easily and has to be saved at several points and the only way in which she could win a fight is by upgrading, like how she did with Alexander Corvinus. Kate Beckinsale did justice to her role but she looks off as the story revolves around Semira (Lara Pulver), Marius (Tobias Menzies), and David (Theo James) whose character has a surprising twist. Theo James carried the film with his charms and flexibility. I was happy to see Lara Pulver in a major role since her appearance as Irene Adler in Sherlock. She is beautiful, charming and is a good actress. She has proved that with her appearance in Sherlock but then her characterization in the film is the worst. She tricks the council and Selene for her personal gains. She is proud of her intellect and even enjoys sex. But then, she is subdued and fooled. Despite having the upper hand in a fight with David, he has his victory after distracting her. Yep, by distracting her. That is where I realized that the script is very poor and it is created for the sake of having sequels. The film lacked the artistic touch and pacing of the first two Underworld movies. And, they killed off a beloved character… fine… not exactly beloved. But he was important and was described as invincible in several instances. He is simply taken out of the equation, making the sequels lousy and unacceptable.


Technically the film is less impressive. The background score is good, the goth tone and settings are there. But the editing is mediocre as it makes the film appear too fast for the brain to record. Though fast-paced films are appreciated the biggest problem with this film is that there is no breathing space in between during the conversation scenes and tone of the dialogues sounds different with each cut. Notably in Selene’s conversation with Lena.

I have nothing more to say about this film, the underworld is just another sequel that is made for the sake of making. It neither did justice to the originals nor has it desecrated it. But the action and curiosity will draw in an audience. Which is why the sequels are received well commercially the Wiseman announced another sequel with Beckinsale.


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