Bollywood Diva Song- A Slap On Bollywood Sexism

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Well, women AKA feminists have been screaming out loud a lot about the unapologetic yet casual sexism featured in Bollywood, some of which are either defended fiercely (by the male, sometimes female, artists and fan base) or ignored. Well, Bollywood Queen, who is currently industry biggies nightmare, starred in a song written by the AIB which gracefully calls out to the sexism in Bollywood, as opposed loud aggressive female voices which are rendered as “cute” by male ego. Now, Kangana herself in caught up in several controversies that question her integrity but if all the facts are in her favour then she is indeed a strong figure.

Hate her or love her, you will love this video if you have been questioning the sexism in Bollywood.

Karan Johar and Nepotism

Karan Johar, in one of his interviews, accused Kangana Ranaut of playing the woman card and asked her to leave the industry if she feels unhappy about what is happening there. But calling out to nepotism means not playing woman card but speaking up for the outsiders, you should know better Mr Johar! A lot of things happen from white washing to nepotism. Kangana called out to the nepotism in Bollywood by looking at Karan in chat show “Koffee with Karan”. In the song, Kangana calls out to this ending with “victim play”. Karan reacted to the same with his tweet but little does he know about the overconfidence because he declared that his friendship with Kajol and Ajay Devgan is over in his book which is published internationally.


Ageism and wage gap

Even heroine’s name come before the hero, her pay check has more zero. Something which is rendered irrelevant as women are not expected to generate income the way men are which in itself is a painfully sexist argument because, despite hard work and time usage, women are paid less in almost all fields. And, talking about 20-something actresses being paired next to 50-something hero (while his female counterparts have to play the mother of a teenager at the age of 35+) Kangana casually that it is almost pedophilia. Fans have defended it saying “why not if they are both adults” while condemning the pairing of a hero with an older actress. Hypocrisy?


Rani Mukherjee played the role of a tough cop in a film “mardaani”. Why not? Being brave, courageous and bold is equivalent to having one’s ovaries replaced with testicles, on the same platform where bangles and sarees are thrown at men to insult them. Because feminity= weak while masculinity = great! What’s even funnier is that the person who calls this out is the sexist!

Sad state of affairs as it simply disregards their role as women while degrading feminity at each step. Preity Zinta, when she threatened by underworld was hailed by media as the “real man” of Bollywood while her male counterparts were “pussies”. *facepalm*. It makes women and women empowerment as a movement fruitless. In this video when Kangana’s mardaani was hailed by a female reporter (irony there in itself), we see a solemn looking Kangana calling out to this casual sexism ending with “Yes I have Vagina re!”. Means, she is proud of her identity as a woman! That is the one part I like to play in a loop.


When a man’s words are valued more when his female counterpart is rendered as “feminazi” for saying the same. Remember how people spoke about “no” and consent seriously after the speech made by Amitabh Bachchan in Pink. And when Ranbir interrupted Katrina several times in their interview saying that she is not speaking properly.

We see AIB men interrupting Kangana several times sarcastically.

Women’s role in films despite the credentials

One of the reasons, why heroines don’t survive long when compared to heroes, is because they don’t get to play subjective roles and are just sidelined in the films. Her role is to play the eye candy, attractive enough for the male audience. In this video, Kangana’s role in the film is a physicist based in Poland who talks about her boyfriend. This happens a lot in films. Remember Sultan? 


The phenomenon itself, which is why younger, thinner and fair actress is needed as opposed to talented. Miss the good old days when actresses who could act filled the screen.


When will this sexism end? When will industry people and audience themselves accept the same? Remember films are worshipped by people and heroes are followed. Sending the healthier and better message is essential.

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  1. An honest assessment on sexism and Kangana nailed it in this video. Gotta give it to this amazing and fearless woman who has come up on her own in the film industry.

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