10 Reasons Why Titanic Is An All Time Great Classic

9. The ending that breaks your heart

The most haunting part of the film is undoubtedly the ending. We see Rose lying in her warm bed. Just like how Jack wanted her to be. We see Rose in photographs that were taken after she fulfilled every single thing in her bucket list of things she wanted to do with Jack. As the camera pans, we see Rose in her bed. She is either dreaming or she died…

Then we see Titanic underwater but it morphs into daytime and like a dream, the camera enters the grand staircase, which is described as the most beautiful feature in Titanic’s indoors, and all those perished on the Titanic is seen waiting there for her, along with Jack who is standing near the clock. Rose comes up in a white gown, which symbolizes her as an angel and she embraces Jack. It makes you cry tears of joy as you will see her reunite with Jack. This scene is heartbreaking because you actually witness all those who died on Titanic including Mr. Andrews, the father who had a daughter in his arms (as shown at the beginning), the old lady with a baby, Trudy, the violinists, Capt Smith etc.

10. The song that still echoed across the world

When the film was released two decades, along with the visuals, this song became an overnight sensation. Almost every program, every medium, and programmes played this song. Listening to this song gave out a sensation of romance and grief. Celine Dion’s voice and Horner’s music echoed across generations. When she says “every night in my dreams, I see you” this could either refer to Rose’s feelings towards Jack or Dion’s fantasy about Titanic as a magnificent ship that didn’t deserve its fate.

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  1. I agree with you that the movie is an all time classic. Apart from the points mentioned here, I would like to add one more point. Cameroon was able to create the scenario right around us with great camera work and perfect technical brilliance that make us feel we are in the sinking ship. The sound of the water rushing through the doors and the glasses breaking remain in the head long after the movie is over. This is a movie that must be experienced in its full glory and watching it on TV or laptop will kill the experience and don’t even think about the cell phone screen..

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