10 Reasons Why Titanic Is An All Time Great Classic

7. Overnight ladies’ man


This is the first film Leonardo Dicaprio’s that I watched. I was more impressed with Kate in terms of performance as Leo (probably the only film I could think where someone acted better than Leo <3 <3 ) is more of a pretty boy in this film. He is handsome, classy and charismatic. he has everything a star needs. And, yes, there is enormous talent hidden behind those crystal blue eyes.

After the release of Titanic, Leo became a ladies man overnight with fangirls drooling over him. Jack is a beloved character and Jack’s talents are appreciated more. Jack has the sense of humor, boyish playfulness, and above all, he is himself in the world of people who judge one another. He respects Rose and that makes him better as a lover. When Rose rejects him at one point, he took it in gracefully as opposed to a typical hero who would chase after the heroine with songs and emotional blackmail. Yes Bollywood, I am talking about you!

8. Kate, Kathy, and Gloria; women who own the movie

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The story of Titanic centers around Jack and Rose’s love story in the background of a famous tragedy with a female protagonist. The film belongs to the three women who gave their million bucks with their grace, charisma, and aura. Kate is not just a pretty face. Those there were reports that Cameron made fun of Kate’s weight, I am glad that they didn’t go for a slim beauty to play Rose. She represents a girl, a dreamer, someone who aspires to do rather than to sit back. Kate embodied her with ease. She is expressive, energetic, and we get to experience the aftermath of Titanic’s encounter with the ice-berg through her eyes. The freezing water, the desperation, the fear and people around her fighting to stay alive as long as they could. Kate received a well-deserved Oscar nomination for this film.


Gloria is bright and performed with ease. The surprised look on her face when her drawing is shown on television. The look of guilt when she remembers Jack and the Titanic, and playfulness while she talked about “encounter” with Jack. Although I would ask the academy as to why she was nominated for supporting when she clearly played the lead character.


Kathy Bates is a brilliant actress. I loved her performance as Annie Wilkes in Misery. She is such a delight to watch. However, I was kind of disappointed to see the one and only unsinkable Molly Brown subdued under an angry authority who shouted: “shut that hole on your face!“. As per history, she rallied some women and asked the authorities to save the survivors and to rescue as many as she could. Along with Murdoch, Cameron did injustice to Molly as well.


  1. I agree with you that the movie is an all time classic. Apart from the points mentioned here, I would like to add one more point. Cameroon was able to create the scenario right around us with great camera work and perfect technical brilliance that make us feel we are in the sinking ship. The sound of the water rushing through the doors and the glasses breaking remain in the head long after the movie is over. This is a movie that must be experienced in its full glory and watching it on TV or laptop will kill the experience and don’t even think about the cell phone screen..

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