10 Reasons Why Titanic Is An All Time Great Classic

5. The soundtrack which soothes you

RIP James Horner. The man who truly gifted. There was a time when I used to listen to the tracks over and over. I played the music of Titanic while I did my projects, assignments, and reading. The music as such not only helps you revisit Jack and Rose’s story but also the ship itself.

6. Jack and Rose’s chemistry

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I am not just talking about Leo and Kate’s chemistry but the dynamic between the two characters. We have Jack Dawson, a young man from the third class who simply owned his identity as a man with “nothing more than air in his lungs and pieces of paper to draw on“. Rose admired this about Jack as a woman who is dying to come out of the “classist” box. She does not want to live the life of a lady whose body is trapped inside a corset, wilderness behind the image of a well-mannered lady, and dominated by a mother who wants to hide behind a plastic image and a fiance with a hypermasculine temper.


She wants to break free, she wants to see the world and do things. She found that in Jack and despite their respective classes, they love each other. Rose found herself more comfortable in the presence of a man who would let her be herself, rather than to live according to how he likes, which is where the dominating Calvert comes into play where he sends a “spy” to check on Rose’s actions. Some critics found Jack and Rose’s relationship to be annoying, where Rose’s literally put Jack in that position.

Remember the controversy where there was enough room on the door? Winslet herself admitted that there was room for Jack. And that there was a better chance for Jack to survive had Rose simply stayed on the boat? Well, on the bright side, if she had then chances are that she will end up in the web of Calvert and her mother classist lifestyle rather than the opportunity for her to break free. Neither Jack nor Rose actually saw either of their deaths or survival coming.



  1. I agree with you that the movie is an all time classic. Apart from the points mentioned here, I would like to add one more point. Cameroon was able to create the scenario right around us with great camera work and perfect technical brilliance that make us feel we are in the sinking ship. The sound of the water rushing through the doors and the glasses breaking remain in the head long after the movie is over. This is a movie that must be experienced in its full glory and watching it on TV or laptop will kill the experience and don’t even think about the cell phone screen..

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