10 Reasons Why Titanic Is An All Time Great Classic

3. Bringing real characters to life

Titanic is a fictional love story that takes place in a non-fictional event where we get to see real characters like Capt Smith and unsinkable Molly Brown. Jack and Rose are fictional characters but Cameron did a good job in bringing most of the real characters to life and for casting apt people to play them. Kathy Bates plays unsinkable Molly Brown, Bernard Hill plays Capt Smith for whom the voyage of Titanic is supposed to be his last before retiring. He is the one stayed on board to give at least that room to a person who truly needs it.



Plus, there is guilt in his eyes for the tragedy he brought upon the ship by ordering more speed and for not being vigilant enough to face if the worst is to come. Victor Garber plays Thomas Andrews, the one designed and built Titanic, he was the most confident individual when it comes to the ship’s stability. While the ship sank, we watch him looking at his watch occasionally. He calculated time before the ship fully sank. Finally he adjusts the time and lowers his head. The time is up for him and he knows it. Jonathan Hyde plays J Bruce Ismay, the managing director of white star line, the one who used his power and influence to make Captain increase the speed of the ship. He is rich, ignorant and was branded as a coward by the press for surviving the ship’s sinking while many others lost their lives.

Ewan Stewart’s depiction of first officer William Murdoch is the most controversial as he shown to be committing suicide out of guilt as he shot the passenger and Jack’s friend Tommy Ryan (Jason Barry). His nephew protested against the film and compensation was given for the same. Cameron says there were officers who shot in the air to calm the crowd and to highlight “women and children first”. He added that his depiction of Murdoch is that of an “honorable man, as opposed to a man who went “bad”. He said, “I’m not sure you’d find that same sense of responsibility and total devotion to duty today. This guy had half of his lifeboats launched before his counterpart on the port side had even launched one. That says something about character and heroism.”

Since the real characters interact with both Jack and Rose, we will relate to the tragedy as well the fictional aspects.

4. Practical effects which blew your mind

While making a film about a tragedy that the whole world mourned, Cameron’s intention was to make the disaster as realistic as possible. And, he has succeeded in making an environment that looks scary with the rising water and short circuiting of the ship’s electrical system. The scene where the ship splits into two pieces is undoubtedly one of the most sensational moments in Hollywood filmmaking.  It is a practical effect and the experience is something else if you are watching the film inside an air-conditioned room. 🙂


They built a ship altogether only to sink for the film. *sigh*. If they built Titanic for me probably I will use it for the rest of my life. 


  1. I agree with you that the movie is an all time classic. Apart from the points mentioned here, I would like to add one more point. Cameroon was able to create the scenario right around us with great camera work and perfect technical brilliance that make us feel we are in the sinking ship. The sound of the water rushing through the doors and the glasses breaking remain in the head long after the movie is over. This is a movie that must be experienced in its full glory and watching it on TV or laptop will kill the experience and don’t even think about the cell phone screen..

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