10 Reasons Why Titanic Is An All Time Great Classic

1997 saw the release of a worldwide phenomenon that gave Cameron the opportunity to take a break and stretch his legs thanks of all the money he made. 🙂

Apart from that all the critical acclamation, the audience love and the Oscar sweep gave this film the status of being an all-time great cult classic.



Of course not Rose!

However, as time went by the film started receiving more scrutiny and soon Titanic started being known as an overrated film. But we know that the film is far from being overrated unless you consider the love-story part alone.  And there is controversy related to how Jack could have survived.

Just remove the romantic angle. The film has everything in it to give the cult status. Here are 10 reason why Titanic is an all-time great cult classic.

1. James Cameron’s vision


James Cameron is known for creating art with his “out-of-the-box” imagination. With his direction and editing, he created the piece of film that is worth experiencing over and over.

That being said, apart from the visual effects as shown in the second half of the film, the first half features the life inside the Titanic before the tragedy. The cinematography in the “I am flying scene” is perfect while it captured the sunset and the passion. The clothes men and women wore, the art direction, setting and general personality of people based on their class is apt. That is where Titanic had its success, in terms of making the audience experience the life.



2. A tragedy that still haunts people

Well, Titanic killed over 1500 people who were on board and only 700 people survived the tragedy. 700 “better half” because women and children were prioritized while men barely made it out. Plus, passengers from the second and third class were at the mercy of the number of empty seats on the lifeboats. The number of lifeboats were less because of the authority’s overconfidence about Titanic’s status of being an unsinkable ship. The reason why this tragedy is haunting is that of how it killed people. It is clearly due to several negligent deeds including the Capt asking for more speed, the absence of enough lifeboats for everyone on board, less room on lifeboats, and there was no ship within the radius that will arrive before the ship sank. The ship California left their radio off and the ship that received distress signal “Carpathia” took four hours to reach despite coming at maximum speed.


The rescuing of people based on class and separating women and children from their male counterparts have been further scrutinized the rescue work as it highlighted the authority’s classism. And, as the film goes on, many children became Orphans and women lost their husbands and lovers. The film captured all that perfectly and it further angers us that there were many ways in which the tragedy could have been avoided. We experience the fear, the helplessness, the anger, and the frustration through Rose’s eyes. There is a moment in the film when the ship releases fireworks occasionally to attract the rescue ship. We see a child looking at the light in astonishment as for her, it is something attractive and lovely. We see Rose looking at the same but what her face reflects is the lack of confidence and fear because she knows that the time is ticking and not everyone on the ship will survive if the rescue doesn’t come to them in time. Similarly, as the ship is sinking, we see Rose looking at several events, from people hanging onto the ship for their lives, a woman who is scared to death, another woman who is assuring her son “it will be over soon” indirectly implying that they might either die or be rescued, and a chef simply having a drink.

Titanic tragedy is also an eye-opener on how and what the authorities should ensure. At the same time, there were more rumors about how the tragedy was orchestrated to get the insurance money.


  1. I agree with you that the movie is an all time classic. Apart from the points mentioned here, I would like to add one more point. Cameroon was able to create the scenario right around us with great camera work and perfect technical brilliance that make us feel we are in the sinking ship. The sound of the water rushing through the doors and the glasses breaking remain in the head long after the movie is over. This is a movie that must be experienced in its full glory and watching it on TV or laptop will kill the experience and don’t even think about the cell phone screen..

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