10 Reasons Why Face/Off Is A Cult Film

The adrenaline rush! The chases, explosions, over the top acting, slow-mo sequences and a story that has more plotholes than factual accuracies. But I love it!!!

If this film was released today then probably it will be bombarded with more brickbats than bouquets. Or the audience and critics will be more open-hearted and break our expectations. At the time of its release, face-off was the highest grossing action film and today it is a cult classic that raises a question, why don’t they make films like this? 

The film was released 20 years ago on this fall. This honest trailer in a way narrates how the film is, though I disagree with nostalgia critic review.

20 years later face/off is a cult classic. 20 years from now, the film will still be a cult classic. Here are 10 reasons why Face/off will always be a cult film.

1. The concept



In simple words, there is a hero and a villain who are equal and opposite of each other. After the first act, the hero becomes the villain and villain become the hero. 😀  We have Castor Troy who is the combination of every bad characteristic in a man and Sean Archer, who is an obsessed cop going after the terrorist. Now, Sean Archer’s characterization is purely cliched. Troy has damaged him and killed his son. Archer wants revenge and he will stop nothing till he gets it. Now, this particular concept becomes more interesting when the roles are reversed. Archer is not only an obsessed cop going after the terrorist but he is trapped in the form of the man he hates the most with cops and authorities coming after him. What follows is a roller coaster ride.

2. John Woo’s signature, leaving new door to action feature making

Well, the film’s appeal should be credited to Woo’s filmmaking style. He brings slow-mos, exaggerations and (a lot of) explosions. And, it works artistically because the emotional context and narration itself are over-the-top yet effective. And the signature he leaves in almost every film of his, doves… <3 It is like saying, “diamonds are girl’s best friends” then doves are Woo’s.



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