The Queen Is Back!!!

2016 was a very challenging year for Taylor. She has been part of several memes and controversies, and her latest single is a sly dig at all of them and at herself. 😀 Haters obviously thought that they were the ones who will get away with mocking Taylor but she showed them that she has the upper hand in that aspect. The result is indeed a work of art. 😀


Taylor Swift is “dead” memes. 


source: buzzfeed

The beginning of the video shows Taylor rising from the grave dressed in blue gown she wore in “out of the woods” music video, in a zombie form, grabs a shovel and we see a beautiful young Taylor lying in the grave wearing that elegant gown she wore at MET gala. After Kim Kardashian released a video of Taylor seeking to bless from Kanye West, the internet exploded with “Taylor is dead” memes. Well, this looks like an apt reply as she comes out of the grave saying “I don’t like what you are doing“. In that gown, she not only made it out of the woods but also out of the grave, back from the dead with her new album.




Kim Kardashian 

There are several digs at Kim’s from the ending where “Grammy” Taylor says ‘taking receipts, I am going to edit this later‘. Well, Taylor hit back at Kim Kardashian, after the former leaked video of her giving blessings to Kanye, saying that she did not put the whole video and that she didn’t let him use the word “bitch” in his music video “famous”.

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Cyber trolling



We see Taylor sitting on a throne dressed in red, where she is surrounded by snakes which served her with tea. Taylor became a victim of online trolling where her twitter and Instagram pages were filled with “snake” emojis and snake memes after Calvin called out to her lack of involvement in the music “this is what you came for” he created. Taylor worked on that under a pseudonym “Nils Sjoberg”, we see the shot a gravestone named “Nils Sjoberg” at the beginning. Well, out of all moments, this is the one part of the video that I admired. Cyber-trolling is a thing and personally, I felt bad for her. In 2016, several celebrities from Taylor to Leslie Jones were subjected to cyber-violence. While Taylor had the advantage, this is also her way of coming back. <3 <3




Hiddleston’s T-shirt meme and media


source: mtv

Now, this is an unintentional form of meme explosion Taylor faced after photographs of Tom Hiddleston, wearing “I <3 TS” went viral. Taylor’s image was attacked after the back-to-back controversies came out. Well, look what everything made Taylor do… We also see her chopping the wing of a plane, symbolically targeting the media for chopping her wings.

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Then another iconic moment where she is lying in the bathtub filled with jewels, after the graveyard sequence, where she is in don’t care mode, a clear reply to the media which as per a quote she gave in 2005 label her as “psycho serial dater who lies in her bathtub of pearls and cries”. And amidst the jewels, you could see a 1$ note, referring to her victory in sexual harassment. Whoot! Whoot!

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Kanye West, 2009 VMAs, and her reply

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The final sequence where she asked to be left out of the narrative sums it up. Kanye West’s interruption and the “leak”. And the song famous featured Taylor Swift’s image lying next to Kanye, naked and the images of her in BDSM form in the music video is a sly dig to that. She wants to be thrown aside.


Katy Perry and Calvin Harris, “stealing her stage”


During the online communication between Calvin, Kanye, Kim and the trolls, the one who threw her weight in the same is Taylor’s rival, Katy Perry. Calvin claimed that Taylor had nothing to do with the song he wrote and brought Katy into the context. There are several references to Katy Perry’s digs including the intentional addition of the term RISE in the song’s lyrics, referring to Katy’s tweet “rise above all” where she dissed Taylor and the backlash. Plus, Taylor expressed how the stage was stolen perhaps implying that she did help in writing the song under the pseudonym.


Old Taylor is dead… only… she hasn’t changed a bit



The video shows Taylor standing on top of a pile of crawling “Taylors” in their iconic forms or in simple words, old Taylors. From the geeky spectacled girl from “you belong with me”, Golden gowned version of hers from “Sparks fly”, the “red” version, swan dressed “shake it off” version, “bad blood” version, “tear drops on my guitar” version, “style” jacket, and of course herself dressed in various platforms. The highlight was to shows that the old Taylor is dead and the new darker Taylor is the result what the controversies made her do. But, the ending shows that she hasn’t changed and kept making fun of herself from playing “victim” to wanting to be out of the narrative. 😀

Well, that is clever Taylor. You are indeed a champion of creative music videos and comebacks amidst controversies. 😀


source: buzzfeed

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