10 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Marvel's Defenders



I enjoyed Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Luke Cage which came out on Netflix. Jessica Jones is a feminist icon while Luke Cage reflected on, not a just a man who became a victim of circumstances, but someone who was inspired to move forward. Daredevil is a good action thriller though Ironfist was a bit disappointing. I had been waiting impatiently for the Defenders to come on Netflix. The best thing about Netflix premiere is that all the episodes are aired, as opposed to waiting for the same weekly. There is a thrill to that, as well as this. I enjoyed watching the defenders unite and am listing out 10 reasons why. 😀

10. Pacing

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I expected the show to have a little bit of dragging because it is seen in almost every pilot and subsequent follow ups. Fortunately, the best part of the defenders was the beginning followed by all sequences that had all four characters. Something or the other happens in every 15 minutes. Also, I admire how they presented the four defenders individually. When they show Iron fist, there is green texture, the background and tint are red when Daredevil is presented, Blue for Jessica Jones and Yellow for Luke Cage, including his T-shirt. 😀 The show is very immersive and when you put together the pieces, a lot of things make sense (no spoilers).

9. How the storyline of the characters came together

Each of them has their respective reasons. Luke wants to help people and finds out that young people are being recruited and later killed. The tears of agony shed by a mother who lost all of her children hit the core of Luke’s heart and he is seeking answers for the same. Jessica Jones is still recovering from the aftermath of her murdering Kilgrave. She takes up a case of a missing architect after his wife and daughter approached her. Jessica is still the arrogant and blunt woman but she is holding onto the qualities to hide her own misery.



Iron fist wants revenge against the hand while the Daredevil has his own experience with them. Above all, his ex-girlfriend Elektra is raised from the dead by Alexandra to be the “black sky”. Their stories merge well leading to a thriller.

8. Defenders unite scene

This scene seriously fills one’s adrenaline. Enough said.

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